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Please help fill in an epilepsy survey

I've recently posted a discussion about this, through the topic 'New to' but I still haven't had enough responses, so I've copied and pasted my last post* on to here. Please help fill this survey in!

*Hi guys, 

hope you are all feeling up for a bit of surveying today :)

Basically I'm a third year student who studies product design, and for
my dissertation project I have decided to base it on epilepsy.

My elder sister has epilepsy, she's had it since she was 12 years old
and she is 29 now. Her seizures are the more generalised convulsions,
where she has tonic-clonic seizures at least 2-3 times a day.

I didn't really understand it when I was younger, but I've come to
realise how strong she is to be able to cope with this. And that goes to
all the epilepsy sufferers out there! Epilepsy has probably caused many
emotional traumas within people's lives, but don't let it hold you
back! Not even if epilepsy itself tells you that you can't, because even
when my sister has a smile on her face the whole room lights up..and I
know she's fighting epilepsy to smile a little more each day.

I've seen the troubles that epilepsy can cause and therefore I've based
my project around the injuries caused by epileptic seizures. I've
created a survey related to this and I was wondering if you guys can
help fill it in for me. The information is anonymous- no names are being
collected, I just need the information that can help me design a
product to prevent injuries that is caused by epileptic seizures. Plus
there is a question about how epilepsy has affected your life, so you
can have your say on it.

So if you have epilepsy or know anyone that does, doesn't matter what
type, and have a spare 5-10 minutes, I would really appreciate the


The deadline for this is in a week time, so if you could fill it in as soon as you can I would be ever so grateful!!         

Also if anyone has experienced any seizure related injuries in the past
12 months, and can spare an extra 2 minutes to fill in this next survey


Many thanks. 

Kim xxx


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