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Dear Friends,

Talking about epilepsy is very hard, for me... As it's always! Been a durty little secret :0( So I thought. Grwoning with epilpesy was taugh because I was raced in Greece. As my mum is greek and my dad is english. I lived in Greece for seven years.

Through those years, I had the surpport from my sister jackie and my dad Ray. Mum Koula was always in denail until this day. I never understood my conditson and still don't Can you help me? A few weeks ago I had a Aura at my mum's and paniced as I know Mum always goes hysterics.

This time was diffrenet, she came to me in a calm way and held my hand & I was ok. :0) That's all I wanted but what's to say she won't be calm next time? 


I understand what your saying because i was a member of a church untill i started having seizures and they tryed to "get the demons out of me". I even woke up with my grandmother trying to "cleanse" me one night. Latly i've started having seizures while im awake and feel like i have very little support... not because my caretaker isnt there but because theres nothing they can do but put a pill in my mouth and tell me to breath. Like you there are certain members of my family who have distanced themselves from me since my seizures started but at the same time i have my mother, grandma and grandfather. The best advice i can give you is to just take life day by day and enjoy the time you have because theres always someone in a worse place.

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