Heightened Sensations

It seems on days that I have seizures and just some other days I have heightened senses.  I usually notice it when I do the laundry because I can really smell the laundry detergent.  It affects my taste too.  I usually describe the heightened smells as brilliant, since I am not really sure how to describe it.  It is like the smell is bright.  Taste is a little different.  Things taste different and I am not sure what is different about the taste.  I have experienced this sensation for some years, however today is different.    When I got to work I could smell my office.  That sounds kind of odd.  What I mean is that a place I don’t really consider to have any type of odor has one today.  Not sure what the smell is, maybe cleaning products.  I had gotten a salad for lunch and talk about smell overload.  It smelled amazing! 

Has anyone else also experienced heightened senses?


Re: Heightened Sensations

Yes, now that you mention it.  In the last year or so I have noticed that my sense of smell and hearing, and really all my senses, have become lots stronger.  It's kind of cool--being able to sense when someone is coming into a room, or who has been there just by scent.  I love to go out in the forest and just be aware of all the sense information I get, that I never used to be aware of.

Tasting one's own tongue-- Alan Watts 40 years later

It is interesting- so many people on these threads talk about funny smells and tastes yet rarely do they link their own heightened sensations to it...

I am convinced that much of what we know of as auras are hypersensitive interpretations of our sense perceptions. What does this mean?

When someone says they can taste something metallic, maybe they are tasting something always there, the chemical interactions constantly happening on their own tongue, something they would typically not be able to discern.

My very first seizure activity was the hallucination that I was gigantic, that everything was out of perspective, for instance a cell phone in my hand totally SEEMED to be as big as a microwave. Anything touching my skin, more specifically, anything touching the hairs on my skin, also became way way too big. It was as though my perceptions, even down to each hair picking up movement of the sheets on my skin, seemed to become hypersensitive and accounted for the dislocation feeling and gigantic feeling....

A rush of neural activity upstairs and suddenly all the colors get sharp and bright and contrasty.

Not to mention the ecstatic seizures, would that also be in the same group as heightened sensations?


Re: Heightened Sensations

I too have taste (metallic) smells are very hightened, even to touch something is bothersome if the temp. is "a little hot or a little cold" it's very intense. I am going through this now three days going on four. It's seems to come in waves with ALL the other symptoms and of course the seizures. My list of symptoms (prodromal) are long and wearing me out. Does anyone else get a lot of get these too????  I would like to hear about all of them. I was awakened early again this morning with too many. I don't want to seem like I complain or wine, but I'm not sure if anyone in my Neuro's office understands...... 

Can anyone else share? 

Re: Heightened Sensations

Sensations can be changed around times of seizures. Sometimes sudden changes in smells, tastes or visions that are different than normal, and people smell, see or taste things that aren't really there are actually simple partial seizures. Other times, people just find that their senses are heightened in that their natural senses are more sensitive than usual. This may occur the emotional and sensory centers of the brain have been more active with seizures or other phenomena.

It's a good idea to track when these happen so one can share this info with their doctor. It can help you both sort out what the symptoms may mean and if they are seizures or associated with them, the information may help in making decisions about treatment.

Hope this helps. Take a look at the content on the home page under partial seizures!

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