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I accidentally inserted my most recent seizure under the wrong date in my epilepsy diary on this website. I just wondered does anyone know how I can delete out the entry? Any advice would help me a lot. Thank you.



I'm looking for the answer to the same question....did you ever figure it out?  Or does anyone else out there know?

I just found this PDF of My Diary help.  On page 12 it answers this question:

 I'll also copy/paste what it says here:

How can I edit an entry? I made a mistake and I need to make a change.

1. Go to My Diary.

2. Select the date.

For a change today: Click the today button or in today’s space in the diary. Make the change and click save to diary .

For another date that you see on the page: Click in that date’s space. Make the change and click save to diary .

For a date that you don’t see on the page: Select the date you want from the dropdown menu above the diary and click go. When the page refreshes and the diary re-appears, click on the date you are looking for. Make your edit and click save to diary.

Sorry, just read this more closely and realized it doesn't let you change the date, only the details :(

I haven't read anything. I did enter information wrong and I went to that date made the changes and saved it.

I have made changes several times and I started mine june 6th because I wanted to be able to see my seizure count and note any side effects I might have since I have a new medication added. All my information is correct now but I have made changes by going to the dats making the change and saving it

What information have you successfully changed though?  That method lets you change some things only.  I'm looking to change the date something has been entered on, or delete it altogether.  I sent a message through the facebook page asking about how to do this and received the following response: 

You can't change an entry, but add a note to that day and say that's it an error, put a new date or add information. That way when it prints out, or when you look at it again, you can see what the change is. Let me know if this doesn't work. epihelp

I have made the mistake of putting information or notes on the wrong page.

Go to your diary

bring up the date you need changed

make the changes then save to diary and your information is fixed

If you have questions of want to make changes like your mood of you think of side effects you might have had do the same thing.

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