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Epilepsy and Ecstasy

Hey guys!
Okay so i am 21 and i have never taken ecstasy before but i really want to try it. I was planning on taking one pill this weekend for a show i am going to but was wondering if any of you had any experience with this? I was diagnosed with epilepsy in junior high and i had only had pedi mal seizures. I had my first grand mal seizure when i was 16 and havent had one since i was about 18. I am on topamax (150 mg a day) but my doctor has talked to me about going off the medication because i might have grown out of the epilepsy? I have tried cocaine before (although it was a very little amount and i didn't feel it at all) and everything i've read said that is worse for epileptics than ecstasy. Also- i don't react to lights so that shouldn't be a problem. Any feedback would be appreciated! I know taking drugs is never a good idea and i am not the kind of person that does them that often but i just want to try it.
Thank you!



Devorah Zealot Soodak the zealot needs help!

Hi! I am also 21 and am in a similar situation. I have used marijuana as well as cocaine (probably over 20 times). Niether have had any effect on my epilepsy. I really would like to try ecstasy and I'm getting a bunch of different answers from different posts. I am currently taking 450 mg lamictal daily and will have a seizure if I miss a dose. Many say the sleep deprivation and forgetting to take the meds can cause seizures (obviously) while on ecstasy. I always have sleep deprivation (pretty much an insomniac) and I have friends there to remind me to take my meds. So, I was wondering if you did end up trying it or if you had any other answers to your question??

Yes i did end up trying it and i have rolled around 10 times now. I have never had a seizure from it. I brought my medication in with me just incase i started to freak out or something but was completely fine. I usually feel closer to seizing when I smoke marijuana or after a heavy night of drinking. I would recommend looking up your pills on or one is the best) to find out what is in your pills. A lot of them can be mixed with other substances so it is best to find ones with just MDMA or MDMA and caffeine. I told my doctor I had tried it and he agreed that if i'm going to be doing it, keep it safe. I also like to take 5htp everyday about a week before i roll because i feel like it helps my brain bounce back. Remember to eat a good meal before and DRINK LOTS OF WATER during!!! As for not being able to sleep... people usually suggest smoking marijuana but i don't like it so i usually take melatonin.

But also remember that I don't react to lights. If lights are a problem for you, i wouldn't try it at a show. Bring sunglasses you don't care if you lose just incase cause the lights can get pretty intense.

And remember that i haven't had a seizure in 4 years or more. Make sure your friends know whats going on with you so that if something does happen they know what to do. My friends were freaked out and then when everything went smoothly everyone came up to me and was so happy that i was okay.

I hope this helps! Have fun and stay safe!


This is an interesting topic because it raises the issue of how certain drugs can impact cognition and perception.  In some way, the topic goes to the core of a very basic question about reading:  how is a printed word on a book page normally turned into a mental image in the brain/mind (reading/theater/acting/blueprints/architecture/mental rotation/sculpture, etc.) it is a very big area.

The biggest problem is that not very many persons will talk about it.

Many professionals are scared of the topic and choose not to discuss it at all.

Two possible references:  the movie Avatar (3 DVD set) - James Cameron - director (Titanic director) - including deleted scenes - which involve the native tribe - the Na'vi - on planet Pandora experimenting with alcohol (one scene) and psychedelic worms (another scene).   By the way, Avatar will be coming to Disney World in Orlando, Florida as part of their Animal Kingdom (recent news) and the book, LDS:  My Problem Child by Abram Hofmann.

It's my understanding that amphetamines, even caffeine, can lower the seizure threshold for some of those with epilepsy/cause epilepsy medicines to work a little differently.

My personal view is along the lines of discussing the general topic but years ago I decided that I had too much of a slight difficulty with aspects of normal perception (~ visual convergence insufficiency/inability to see 3D perfectly) to want to experiment with drugs like LSD or Ecstasy at all.  Again, at the same time, it is an interesting topic (my view) and worthy of discussion.

Apparently there are economic interests involved so a lot of legal prescription drugs can be talked about along the lines they are miracles from heaven (so to speak) but other drugs are deemed to be bad topics for discussion at all.  That's why the Hofmann book and the Avatar movie (deleted scenes) are valuable (my view).

Words:  reading, math, geometry, calculus, architecture, blueprints, sculpture, visualization, normal mental images, acting, theater, etc.  Learning disabilities - learning abilities.  Legal drugs, illicit drugs, etc.  Apraxia, constructional apraxia, dyspraxia, hemiparesis, concussions, sports concussions, brain injuries, strokes, and so on.  Epilepsies, ADHDs, auditory processing disorders, synethesia, prosopagnosia, color blindness, blindness to motion, side-effects encephalitis, and so forth.



Here is a Harvard study done on cognition of ecstasy users:

and an article about it in the Huffington Post:

Turns out Ecstasy doesn't cause brain damage.

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