Does Salvia make seizures worse?

k, I have patial complex seizures about once a month and usually from laque of sleep. Usually I will only have them while im sleeping unless i have gone a long time without sleep. well my question is is I have experimented with different recreational drugs. I have smoked marajuana for a year er so and it didnt seem to make my seizures any worse. however I have have tried ecstasy and it didnt either only I only tried it once cuz I have herd of them making people have seizures. but the other day a friend got some Salvia and he wants me to try it. Now Salvia is 100% leagal and you can buy it at your local smoke shop. My question is does anyone know if it will make my siezures worse or make me more likely to have one? also if anyone knows if shrooms has an effect on seizures too then any info would be greatly appreciated but mostly i want to know about the SALVIA. Thank you


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I truly believe it is best to stay away from rec. Drugs - you never know what you're getting.

Re: Does Salvia make seizures worse?

Many chemicals have the ability to affect your brain. If they don't affect you while under the influence, they may when you come down, or straighten up later. I haven't had a lot of experience with illegal drugs because I had enough going on and needed what brain capacity I had. A few I had tried and pot caused a seizure when I was around 16. From there, I realized it was not a good thing for me. My brother found the same thing. Some people find pot does not affect them, but your epilepsy can also change over time. Personally, I'd recommend staying clear of unnecessary mind altering substances. But if you must indulge, at least do what you're doing and do the research about them.

Re: Does Salvia make seizures worse?

You are very fortunate to have one seizure a month, my son has daily Complex Partial seizures sometimes clusters of them 2 to 10. I hate to come down on you, but imagine where you might be without all of the experimental drugs, legal or otherwise. Maybe your seizures would become even less frequent. Please stop experimenting with drugs. If not for yourself, for those who love you.  

Re: Does Salvia make seizures worse?

I have been studing for my furture carrer whick is nerologist and they say if u smoke that can cause seizures or make them worse and i use to have complex partial and my dr. put me on keppra and it worked for me

Re: Does Salvia make seizures worse?

Im 30 years old and was diagnosed when I was 18. I also have seizures only in the morning and from lack of sleep. Im not sure about salvia, but i have done a lot of ecstasy in my early 20s. I would say that yes they can trigger seizures. In my experience i would have a seizure about a week after taking the x, like clockwork. Ive smoked weed since I was 15... and ive read in books on natural ways to help cure epilepsy that weed actually helps. Get back to me if you find anything out about the magic shrooms... good luck


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I did magic shrooms a week ago and did have a seizer a day later even my buddy had one at a rave he went to and he had a seizure
and has no history of epilepsy it go's deep in your mind and opens your third eye I say dont do it but what rights do I have to tell you what to do and what not to do so if you do try magic shrooms stay full with positev positive thoughts or you will have a bad trip

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hey dude my name's Jake Im 23 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 5 years old
I smoke weed and tried salvia and a salvia high lasts maybe 5 to 10 minutes its not worth it I had complex partial
3 times I smoked salvia and I was reading that they are starting to throw warnings on it for epileptic
hope I helped man ttyl

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I'm 26 and the first time I tried anything I was 22/23. My boyfriend used to grow all sorts of natural "herbs" like that. Stuff you couldn't get at your local smoke shop but still legal. You could get something give you a little rush or something to make you relax. I took a little upper, nothing really happened and I haven't tried anything since. My bf has stopped growing salvia, etc.

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Salvia is sage and sage causes seizures.

Recreational drugs are not worth the risk even if you don't have epilepsy.  You might be safer playing with fire.

Don't do it!

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(I had links to the studies for all of the below but the damn spam filters won't let me post them!)

Recent human studies have shown that Salvia Divinorum had NO short term effects, be it affecting seratonin, heart rate, nor tremors in healthy individuals.

As far as I've found, there hasn't been any scientific research into Salvia Divinorum and the effects on epileptics.

HOWEVER, it should be noted that Salvia Divinorum is a selective k-opiod receptor agonist, much like Enadoline, which oddly enough has been researched for TREATING epilepsy.

So, in conclusion, there's a few anecdotal/non scientific reports of seizures after smoking Salvia, but again, coincidence is not necessarily evidence, and that study I posted regarding the k-opiod receptor agonist doesn't prove it would be good for them either.

Basically, as of right now, no one really knows, and anyone who tells you differently is wrong.

(For the record, I am epileptic, have smoked Salvia twice and no issues with it.  NOTE: It is NOT a recreational drug. If you plan on using it, learn about its original usage and read everything you can on it so you are educated on its effects. To regular healthy individuals, there is little to no risk of any adverse effects, but if done in a stupid manner, you could be in for a terrifying experience as opposed to an enlightening one!)

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i have never personally done salvia though i am currently researching it's effects with people who have epilepsy. i have done pyslocibin mushrooms however and it was the most amazing experience ever. i only ate 1 gram and left it at that (i don't push it when i try new things because of my seizures) the lights were bright and shiny and i actually felt fantastic. also, for 3 days after i felt great, i never felt seizurey at all (and i always do). mushrooms (more specifically the fly agaric mushroom) actually have healing qualities for some people who experience seizures.

 i am in the process of applying for a medical marijuana card too. i found personally that the indica phenotype is the type that prevents my seizures.

 i am by no means saying do drugs... i am saying that if you are going to try something new do your research! do not just go and do. and small amounts! the last thing you need is to have a seizure. hope your experience went well with it and no ill effects.


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