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Tammy,Maybe those first two doctors need to take a visit to the ear doctor. LOL.With you feeling dizzy for 24 hours a day, this problem might need to be looked into first. Are you getting plenty of nutrition, exersice, sleep and rest everyday? Is there any chance of you having large amounts of caffine? Overall, just try and see if you can find a match or pinpoint that could be a cause of you feeling dizzy. Because it may also be the source that's triggering you to have seizures.Were either of those doctors neurologist?Please feel free to share more about what you're doing, what you're feeling and what has taken place over those past 9 months. Maybe we can help you with what we've gone through and could have felt overselves. That's what this group is here for.Bruce J

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My wife is also a little dizzy or "not quite right" in between her complex seizures.  I think it is due to a little "fire" burning down deep in the limbic system.  It doesn't register on scalp EEG....but I think that there is an overactive or oversensitive set of neurons at play...at least in my wife.

Do you notice any increase or decrease in your symptoms with your cycle ?  My wife does.

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For me it was fluctuating blood pressure because my meds keep driving my bp down .
Did doc do blood work??? many issues can be found in that like electrolytes that are low and endocrine issues .
Or it can be seizures but I hate when docs blame every issue on one diagnosis without even looking for other causes just incase .

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Do you have any additional insight? I have tried to articulate to several neurologists of this incessant spark in my head that doesnt necessarily develop into a seizure. Its there all the time but does get worse with my cycle. Meds help prevent seizures but not this intense diziness and feeling of disconnect. Its been devastating...Drs seem to have no answers.

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hi tammy,i feel dizzy and uncoordinated most of the time. i think part of it is seizure related, but i also think the medication has ALOT to do with it. check out your meds and their side effects and ask your neuro about med(and med combination) side effects. sometimes your pharmasicist might even be more helpfull than the docs when it's about meds(if you have a good one). good luck-basil

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WHat meds are you on? What is the dose?It can be the meds are too high a dose. Or it is a big side effect that you have to get off of that med.Lisahttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/EpilepsyApproach/

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Hi tammy I have complex partial seizures and I take trileptol and they toll my in mexico I neurologist that the dizzines  it was becaus the caffein I take its to much I drink a lot of soda, caffe and chocolates and  this it dus somthing with the medication for seizures. I whent to see doctors in mexico because the doctors her told me I dirent have anithing. and I  told them that I was hearing sompting wen I was going to have a seizure  but they said that curent be . in mexico they did som exams and they sow that the caffeyn was hay and to stop taking to much things with caffein.I eben feel that I am in a tunel some tames because ebriting turns dark  

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Hi yea,
I hate to say it but I do totally agree with the caffee been to blame for the dizzyness. I usaully can have 4 cups in the mornings and I get that drunk feeling, and motion sickness.  I take lamotrogine 25mg in the morning and 25 mg before bed, Its not much but it controls my sezuries. I gave up red wine last christmas, something I loved dearly, 2 glasses a night lol, but that would give me dizzy and sezuries, not it seems that i have to give up the coffee too, what will i do now for the odd kick in the morning. ahhhhhhhhhhhh



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Thank you for that mention re dose.

It had me thinking and I believe I have found the cause. In the past I would usually take my first 25mg at about 7am in the morning on getting up. Then I would take the second 25mg at between 10 and 11pm just before going to bed. This meant that for a specific few hours I had more medication in my body then other hours. So

I have set my mobile phone to remind me each evening at 7pm to take my medicine. and wow it works. I sleep so well at night and following weeks and weeks and months and perhaps years haha of not getting a good sleep I no longer feel as dizzy. So I would advise all to take your medicine at the correct intervals every day/night.






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Tammy , Are you taking any medication that can help ease the seizures and stop the dizziness? Sometimes taking a high dose can causes for you to feel lite headed and dizzy.

Alternative explanation

Tammy, have you considered (or have your physicians considered) Ménière's disease?

It is usually characterized 4 symptoms.
1) Periodic episodes of rotatory vertigo or dizziness.
2) Fluctuating, progressive, low-frequency hearing loss
3) Tinnitus
4) A sensation of "fullness" or pressure in the ear.

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I woke up dizzy one day and remained so for so long that I went to a doctor- who told me I was fine and instructed me to go to the emergency room- and there I was told I was fine too despite it having been hours later and I remained violently dizzy. I did end up having a seizure there though and they kept me, but it was a coincidence with the time of the month. I stayed in the hospital six days. They kept telling me the dizziness was because of my complex partials and I kept telling them I had never had it like that before, that I felt more dizzy when standing, and that I was plain ol' passing out- not losing conciousness from a seizure. They kept pumping me with higher and higher doses of Dilantin and they kept wondering why I wasn't responding to it. Turns out I am hypothyroid, meaning my thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones, and it had been getting worst for a while. No one checked my blood work again till I yelled at one of the nurses that I wasn't there for my epilepsy and that no one was addressing why I was dizzy, and I knew the two weren't the same thing for me personally. As soon as I started taking the meds for it the dizziness went away. You should get your thyroid levels checked!

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Is it possible that dizziness is due to withdrawal from thyroxine?  Can one get hooked on the thyroid med, and feel dizzy all day when the med is skipped?

Worried :(

I've had epilepsy my whole life. Mine is caused from a brain abnormality and every time they put me on drugs they didn't really do anything. I just went off of them a few months later and felt the same. I would just have a few grand mals every couple of years. They were usually brought on by stress, lack of sleep and decreased appetite.  I even went blind for an hour or so a few years ago and I am convinced that was a seizure.

But this year I found out I also have Celiacs disease, which means that a lot of things in my body were affected by this my whole life. I went on a gluten-free diet and my asthma went away, so did my panic disorder, anxiety and sleep problems.

Then about four weeks ago I came down with this mysterious illness. I am constantly dizzy and sick to my stomach. I can hardly digest any food. I sleep constantly and I can't concentrate on anything. Could I be having siezures again? A cousin of mine said that her siezures caused problems with her digestive system. 

 I'm going to a neurologist soon, but I don't know what to say. Things are getting weird and I'm afraid of going on medications that will lead to more and more drugs. That happened before and I was up to 17 pills a day and gained 150 pounds before I found out that the medication was my problem.

But what do I do? Any suggestions?

Re: Worried :(

Have your iron checked. You might be low with the new diet. Also have them check your other minerals and thyroid/parathyroid.
Best Wishes!

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Hi Tammy,


I realize this is an old thread, but do you have any updates on your condition? I have the same problem. I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen (JME), but have not had a grand mal in 10 years. In the past several years, I've been having relentless dizzy spells (feels like an aura and very uncomfortable). It lasts for several months and then gets better, but never really goes away. I also have memory and speech issues associated with it. This last few months, its intensified and Ive been taking Depakote as a result. It has not helped as much as it did when I was a teen. I had my ears checked along with every blood test imaginable. What the heck is happening, why is it getting worse, and what can I do to stop it??? Getting desperate.


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Hi Tammy, I also have lots of dizziness also pain in the back of the head.  MRI's, labs etc, done, and no changes.  Med change from tegretol to carbatrol.  This seemed to help, for about 2 months.  Now I am looking into taking the carbatrol 4x a day to see if it helps.  Like everyone on this thread I also have partial complex seizures-some speech and memory problems. 


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I know this is a late response and you probably won't see this, but it's worth the shot. I've had epilepsy my entire life and growing up I played soccer. When I was younger, I couldn't get through a whole practice or a game without getting dizzy or vomiting.  I was afraid to go out on that field every week because I knew what was going to happen - the whole world continued to spin right underneath my feet, and I ended up falling down. After a long, horrific search for the "perfect" medicine, we finally found a medication to stop the dizzy spells. I think it's different for every person, but right now, I'm taking a generic version of Zonegran and it really has made an improvement.

The last time I was dizzy was last Saturday night, which was the same night I was invited to a Halloween party.  The host of this party had multiple strobe lights in his front yard - all set on a different timer. Here it is, Monday, and I'm still a little lightheaded. 

When I have a seizure, my whole body doesn't go into a muscle spasm.  I stare into outer space for long periods of time - sometimes, I have to force myself out of it.  I get, like, these twitches in my arms and legs every now and then - and that's a sign of having a seizure.  I also think that dizziness {which isn't listed as a seizure} Is a seizure. 

I hope this helps! 

And I hope you see this :)

Sophia, 21