Eye twitching & seizures & Absent seizures

  • I was diagnosed with idopathic epilepsy a year ago . I was diagnosed after being found on kitchen floor after layign their for hours. My doctor think I may have Juvenile Absence Epilepsy however he's not sure what to call it because I'm 26. For awhile after I was diagnosed I was on Keppra however sadly I had go go off bceause I did not have the money. I am on nothing and noticed that my right eye started to twitch. Now it is increased to a daily basis to the point I can't keep count. I was wondering if maybe if this a sign I'm having a absent siezures? Anyone know if this can be or if they have it?


Re: Eye twitching & seizures & Absent seizures

Is it just your eyelid twitching or the eye itself?  My neuro says that a twitching eyelid (and no other symptoms) is caused by muscles, not anything neurological.  I had extreme eye twitching for about two weeks.  It's uncomfortable, but other than that, nothing to worry about. 

Other symptoms such as:

  • Visual hallucinations and/or illusions
  • Blindness or decreased vision
  • Pallinopsia or image repetition ( a visual image is replayed again and again)
  • Sensation of eye movements
  • Eye pain
  • Involuntary eye movement to one or other side
  • Nystagmus
    or eye jerking to one or other side (Nystagmus is rapid involuntary
    rhythmic eye movement, with the eyes moving quickly in one direction
    (quick phase), and then slowly in the other (slow phase),
  • Eyelid fluttering

indicate possible occipital lobe seizures.  There are many opportunities to recieve free drugs out there.  PLEASE don't go off of medication for lack of finances!  It could be life threatening.  Uncontrolled seizures have a forest fire effect.  One seizure starts and unless you use AEDs to douse it, the seizures will spread.  If you have any of the above symptoms talk to a neuro!!  Hope this helps!