Simple Partial Seizures and EEG/EKG

I have not been diagnosed, but I am beginning to supiscion that I have been having Simple Partial Seizures.  Please bear with me, it might take a little while to describe my experiences and my questions....Every so often (perhaps once every 2 months and more frequently at times) I have been experiencing what I have seen other people on this site describe as strong, scary deja vu feelings.  It feels like deja vu, but much stronger.  It feels like I know what is going to happen next or I have dreamed that moment in time before.  Sometimes this feeling is so strong that I almost wonder if I am losing my mind - or if I'm just now seeing the world with a rare moment of clarity.  It is like I am seeing the world with new eyes for just a few seconds.  This is accompanied by what feels like a frightening adrenaline rush.  I'm not sure if this rush is a response to the deja vu/psychic feeling frightening me or if it just part of the experience itself.A few months ago I was sitting on the floor in a very emotional state and I had one of these "episodes".  (I wish I had a name for them!)  But this time, the next thing I knew it was about 15 minutes later and I had no recollection of what had happened since the episode.  I felt a bit nauseus with a headache and my tongue was bitten and quite swollen.  This has never happened before.I went to the doctor and I had an EEG and EKG/ECG taken.  It while I was waiting in the neurologist office that I saw for the first time a poster describing a "psychc simple partial seizure".  This was the first time that I had ever heard of something that may have explained the "episodes" I have.My physician called me after breifly reviewing the EEG results and said, "It looks like you didn't have a seizure in the EEG, so you must have just stood up too fast and passed out."  I think that perhaps when I lost conciousness I may have experienced a Psychic Simple Partial Seizure (one of those "episodes") that lead to a Complex Partial Seizure (the part I don't remember) which was triggered because I was in such an emotional state.   Is it possible that these deja vu "episodes" are Simple Partial Seizures that would not have been detectable by an EEG?  Is it possible that if I did have a Complex Partial Seizure that didn't show up on an EEG?  I don't understand what exactly an EEG can determine.~EricaAge 24


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Hello Erica!My name is Elena and I am 28 years old. An EEG can determinate only work of your brain in that time when you are on that machine and when it can read how your brain is working. Well, I had almost the same experience like you. 15 years ago I moved to another city, and my new neurologist didn't believe me and my mother that I have epilepsy. And all because of that I didn't have seizure when I was on EEG. Or he was maybe a bad neurologist. So, I went to another doctor, and he believed me and saw little irregularities on my brain. He knew (because of my stories) that I have seizures. I had only few big seizures (grand mal) in my life and lot of little (petit mal), like you have now, maybe.So, I recommend to you, that you have to go to a new neurologist. Maybe he will understand you and help you.I wish you a lot of luck Erica to fix your problems.Bye!Elena

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Find a new doctor. Sometimes it takes a few doctors to get through to one that understands. NOT ALL DOCTORS KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EPILEPSY and even the doctors that do DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!  The brain is a complex computer and no one on this earth knows everything about it. ONLY GOD knows everything.  SO PLEASE go to a new doctor-- do not allow doctors to dictate what they think you feel or may have had-- they do not know-- just like a man will never know what it is like to carry and give birth to a baby -- they can only guess!! and we women can never know what it is like to go through puberty as a boy ---and know what a boy thinks during that time of his life-- so think of doctors the same way-- they may be doctors who are trying to help but they do not know everything!!!

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Lee here..........what you are discribing are the types of seizures I had for a long time.  They nearly took my breath away with the familiarity of the situation and/or surroundings.  I learned to talk myself in to relaxing during such seizures - and yes they are seizures - because often times they occurred in very public places where I had probably been 100 times before in my life - so maybe something was similar or familiar......that made talking myself down much easier and that did help me through them - but did not solve the problem.  Over time they progressed in to extended absence seizures and finally in to grand mal types before I was diagnosed and a course of treatment found that would control them.I have been on Dilantin and Mysolin (now generic forms of both) for nearly 30 years now.  There are side effects I am beginning to have to deal with now as a result of the long term use - but I have also been seizure free for almost 30 years.  Had I known what the trade-off would be I might have saught a re-evaluation and different drugs a long time ago but I have lead a good life and it isn't over yet!Get to a neuro that listens to you instead of just telling you what he/she thinks.  It might take some time but if you get the one that does the job right you will have a future to look forward to.  Best Wishes...............Lee

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Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement, Lee!  I'm sure you understand how reassuring it is for me when someone is able to relate to what I'm experiencing.  I'll be finding a new doctor soon....~Erica

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Erica,With what you said discribing your experiences sound like what is called, "simple partial secondarily generalized seizures". Easier way to understand what this basically is, is where you start having what's called an "Aura" [simple partial seizure] that will advance into the general type of seizures where the "Tonic Clonic Seizures" [nicknamed Grand Mal] takes place, becoming unconcious and bitting you tongue. For more detailed information on this go back to this website home page www.epilepsy.com, then in the menu on the leftside of the page point and click one titled "ALL ABOUT EPILEPSY & SEIZURES". then when the additional listings come up point and click on the one titled "Types of Seizures". After you come to the next page and along the same leftside menu area there will be list of multiple types of seizures. Point and click on the one named "Secondarily Generalized Seizures", then you can see the details describing it, along with other types you might need to glance over.EEG result reading are one of the specific types of tests used to help determine whether or not a patient has seizures/epilepsy, but they are not always acurate. With where the wires and electrodes are placed on your head tries to find what part of the brain the seizures originate. Kind of like trying to locate where an earthquake took place. Was in Florida, Texas, California, Canada, etc. I've gone through several basic EEGs and 2 separate 24hour video monitoring EEGs, helping to determine my szs taking place in my left temporal lobe, which is located above my left ear. Pretty much the only way a EEG will pick up abnormal results is when the patient really does have a seizure, any of the szs, during the time of when the EEG testing is being done.As for the doctor search. I agree with what other people's replies on here, but you may want to locate one, if there's one within where you're located, who deals more indepth on epilepsy. A seizure/epilepsy specalist called an "Epileptologist", easily located in Comprehensive Epilepsy Centers.Have any more questions let us know. Hope this will help.Bruce J

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I too can understand your concerns, I only had one impression of siezures in my mind and it was one of my siblings, shes had Epilepsy since 12, shes now 47, she had what I later learned Grand Mal, she would just go flying , once right into the Bathtub, I acutally remember hearing her fell into it late into the night when I thought she was using potty, I was only 9 then, I come to find out in my 40s that she was born with Brain damage they saw on her scan (would have been CT back then) I suppose (60s), well after having my 4th Brain surgery for Brain Anyerusm, 3 motnhs later I had a small stroke, but they also saw something not much on EEG there, th nuero came in she looks at me (like an arrogant turd) and says" well this explains it then she left, I was so out of it I never followed up................. here I am a year since being put back into hopistal for those y6 days, 4 brain surgeries later and suffering so badly the last year having what I called "Spells", I didnt tell anyone, finally my spouse made me call my doctor, they put me in for 24 hrEEG, I thought it would show nothing, what it did show was Abnormal EEG now covierng ENTIRE region of Right Temporal Lobe, I stil havent seen anyone, I still dont even know the Nuerologist thats going to see me, Im left in limbo. Funny thing is they also saw spikes in Vertex that they coudlnt explain they thought maybe meds (it said I was on Detrol for Bladder, Im NOT!!!! nor have been, this cracked me up really. But they did say the right side was very abnormal. I know I have Brain damage was alrady told that way before second EEG, and have lost memory from Anyeyrusm, but we also know Im having either continual TIAs (ishemic attacks ) or Siezures. DONT stop until you find someone to help you, its NOT normal to feel these things, I know this for a fact that our bodies tell us when things are not right, I have suffered because I was born with irregular Brain (rare Brain disease) and Progressive spinalcord Disease, then anyerusms (2), I had odd things all my life but no one bothered to look and because I lived in a time where they didnt have access where we lived to things (medical) no one knew , now we DO have access and you need to find the cause of this so you dont suffer your life later as I ahve. Im tough and I insist when I get to the point somthing is interfering with my daily life, unfortinatly its too late for me the dmage is done, but for you its Not so GO GET EM!./ Will keep you in my payres. Music

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Hi Erica! I'm Bridget.  WOW! I have been experiencing the same things as you since I was pretty young. I saw a neurologist when I was a teenager and, same as you, my EEG was normal. But I am certainly convinced that I have SPS. Only now, they seem to have changed from "the dream thing" (as I called it when I was younger) to my head almost going numb and tingling all over, then it moves to my hands and they get so stiff I almost can't move them. My lips get very tight (I look pretty silly) and sometimes it goes to my knees and stomach area. It's pretty frustrating when a doctor thinks you are a "hypochondriac" because you think you have seizures and they find nothing! But I'm sure of it. I've always thought I was weird because of the "dream thing", but turns out I'm not alone! What you described in your letter is EXACTLY what I feel like during an episode. Just as you said.... feeling like you've dreamed that moment before and the adrenaline rush afterwards. Although when it's over (1-2 mins) I cannot remember what the "dream" was no matter how hard I try. Well, maybe at least we can both say we are diagnosed (even though its a personal diagnosis) lol. Well, good luck with finding the right doctor - and it's nice to know i'm not wierd afterall :)Bridget - age 25

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OH MY GOD!!!  I can not believe what I just read from some of you, especially Erica  !!! This is what has been happening to me since the spring of 1999!  The doctors have done all the scans that they have done on all of you, but found nothing, of course!  I have  these "auras" / deja vu´s (I used to call them blackouts because I had no other word to describe them) then I will turn red, then quickly turn white and sweat profusely!!!.    It feels like someone "pulled the plug" on me and I get really tired.  I will go home and sleep for 2-3 hours during the day, even after a good night sleep!  This happens for a 48 hour period every 2-3 months (just like Erica).  I will get 15-20 of these things during that 48 hour period.  I am aware of what is going on.  By the end of that 48 hour period they will try to happen, but they (auras) are"too week" do anythig and I am good for another 2-3 months until it happens again.     Everything that Erica describes (esp. in her second paragraph) is the SAME thing I feel and sense (word for word!!!).  I can not believe the similarities between Erica´s experiences and mine.  I had these auras two weeks ago and decided (again!!) to research these experiences on the internet, which led me to this fantstic website!!!!   I use to feel quite alone when I had these things, in the past I wondered if I was going nuts!  Just knowing that these auras might be a form of a seizure made me quite happy ( if you can believe that), because there might be a medical problem for these things and a way to "fight" them.   I have learned to deal with these things quite well, but I would like to get rid of them if possible.      I would like to thank everyone who worte in response to Erica´s letter and especially to Erica herself for sharing her experiences.  This may sound silly, but it comforts me to know that I am not alone in dealing with these experiences.  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!     if anyone wants to respond to me that would be great!!!                            GEOFF AGE 32

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I can relate to falling asleep for 2-3 hours Geoff.  I have had simple partial seizure/complex partial seizure in the past but I have noticed as well getting really fatigued and just passing out on the couch for 2-3 hours.  Sometimes if I lay on my back I feel like it is harder to wake up.  Cannot open my eyes or move.  I feel like I am still in a dream but awake?  It worries me that it felt like I could hear kids playing outside in a pool?  I wanted to see what was going on but could not open my eyes if I tried. We are talking winter.  :)   I wasn't sure if Sleep Paralysis is related to these type of seizures.  Does anyone know?  I remember the seizures started out with tingling that started in one leg and would spread upwards slowly for about a week.  The muscle jerks started but I thought it may have been from the car accident I was in and maybe the body going through changes.  It was not alright it went into full blown seizures.  I can remember my seizures and the muscle jerks how the increased in to an intolerable level it really hurt my right shoulder.  The room became distorted,my vision was blurry, i could hear buzzing, hissing sound in my ear, could not move or stand up for a while and when I could I staggered as if I had been drinking.  When I tried to call someone I did not how to use the phone, I could not spell/write or use the computer to document, eyes still blurry.  But I did shortly after and with the help of spell check I managed to get something I could understand.  What a day that was.  When I went to the hospital 2 hours after they only did a CT and said you did not have a seizure.  I could not believe what I was hearing.  Go home and take vitamins they said?  I felt like an idiot going in to the hospital.  After two EEG's starting 2 months later they were positive for Epilepsy. I can understand not being helped! My heart goes out to anyone going through this! 

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Thank you every one. Im the one who wrote "32, now having sleeping seizures...no health insurance.."After reading responses, I think this has been happening to me for a long time. The "deja-vue / what was that!!" Ive been having those for years. At first they scared me, but in the past year I've become more facinated with them. But now, Ive had two major episodes in the past two months. Like no other in my past. What triggered the increase? My lifestyle hasn't changed.And once again thank you everyone. I need the insite.