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second opinions...?

i would like to know if anyone has sought out a second opinion after a diagnosis or lack there of, and what were the results...? i'm beginning to suspect i may need to do this myself, that's why i am asking.


A second,third, fourth,etc. opinion until you are taken seriously,listened to, find the answers you need etc. Never hesitate. There are good doctors out there that are just as interested as you are in finding the solution just as there are ones that aren't. I've had both. One thing that helps me is to write down any symptoms I have both before and after a seizure. At least what I can remember. I include any other symptoms I may have during the day whether it be headaches or zoning in and out,etc. This helps the doctors too. Good Luck!!!

You bet you need a second opition,,, My 4 year old started having sezuries back in March 04, Gran Mall, then atonic since .. have been thru 3 Doctors already,, the Ones in Memphis suck had to go to Little Rock, Ark to get one that would spend anytime with us.. If your not Happy try another Dr. There working for you !!!

i'm getting pretty ticked with my neuro...a couple of nights ago the right side of my face was tingling, and maybe about a minute later the back of my right calf was tingling also. I told him about the "mind zaps" I have had also, and up until sunday, they were all in my temples and behind my ears, but sunday night i was out at dinner at a steakhouse and the top of my head, towards the front, did the same thing for 5 seconds. I told my my neuro about this, but he brushed it off as nothing. And the memory loss. I had a grand mal in July and yeah I did suffer memory loss, but it's getting worse. I can't remember what I said to someone 5 seconds previously, I have to ask again. My first EEG way back in July about an hour or hour and a half after my grand mal was abnormal and I cannot remember exactly where it was in my brain(caused by hyponatremia or head trauma, take your pick, I had both). I had a sleep deprived EEG in oct that was completely normal. and the jury is still out on the 5 day Video EEG I did last week on what exactly the "rare brain activity" is. I don't believe my neuro is taking me very seriously. There is an epilepsy clinic that is covered until my insurance policy that I am planning on making an appointment at, depending on the verdict i'll get next Friday...I'm starting to think they don't have a clue what's going on. They didn't even seem like they knew what to say when they talked to me on thursday...

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