No caffeine w/ Sleep deprived EEG!!!???

Why did the EEG tech say I couldn't have any caffeine to help me stay up all night while I am being sleep deprived? not even my usual morning cup:: (which would be 3 hours before the test) I asked her why and she said she didn't know why.


Re: No caffeine w/ Sleep deprived EEG!!!???

Seizures are caused by over stress and over fatigue so it is important not to drink the caffeine because they want the brain to be as stressed as possible to get the best results. If one drinks the caffiene than the brain will not be as stressed to stay awake. I have had two of these test in that I have been seizure free for 18 yrs. and you know that my test results came out that I would have a 90% chance of seizuring if I went off the medication. This is much better than 20 years ago they just took you off the med and observed how you did. I was off two years and than I seizured. It was devistrating to loose my lisence for 6 months and start all over on medication. All the best!

Re: Re: No caffeine w/ Sleep deprived EEG!!!???

sharonlee- thanks for the info :) I think I get it now.