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Carbon monoxide and epilepsy

Our family was exposed to low-level chronic carbon monoxide over this past winter. We discovered it when my 13-year-old son started having seizures. The rest of us were just experiencing heart palpitations, headaches, tiredness, and general dopiness.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had heard of carbon monoxide poisoning precipitating seizures, any outcome advice, treatment advice, or input on where to go for info on this?




I am just now learning our house may have been contaminated with carbon monoxide for months or maybe years.  We have a detector, but I discovered it was unplugged.  It is in an out of the way corner and I just trusted it to work and forgot about it. 
My son developed seizures 4 years ago and is medicated.  He has had 4 seizures in the last month.  
When I discovered our unplugged carbon monoxide detector and plugged it in,  it went off within 10 minutes with a reading of 99.  I too wonder if this my be a factor in my son's development or recent worsening of seizures.

Of course, I have call his Neuro, and we will call a specialist out to check our furnace and stove.  I would like to hear to hear how your son is fairing, Kim, and is anyone else has made this connection between carbon monoxide and seizures.



I've recently discovered that our boiler had been emmiting graduarly increasing amounts of Carbon Monoxide for the last couple of months. Coincidenctly I started having breack through seizures around the same time. After been fit free for amolst 5 years this time round the seizures had changed pattern from 2-3 times a year to 1 every 10 - 14 days. It had reached mild poisening level (un beknown to us) when I three very violent seizures that put me in hospital. A few days after this I was back in hospital with mild carbon monoxide poisening. I really dont think this is coincidence. I just feel extreamly lucky that, that last week I was barly in the house....

I am pretty sure that some kinds of epilepsy have no clear cut etiology. There are children born every year with epilepsy and no one understands why.  There are adults as well who develop a seizure disorder and there is no clear cut etiology.  

 However for others, their seizures begin and are directly correlated with neurological insult.  Many different kinds of situations can cause the brain trauma:

Tumor growth, TBI (traumatic brain injury)either from blunt force trauma to the head or a closed head injury, hemorragic or ischemic stroke, heart attack, chemical/substance abuse just to name a few.

 I am fairly certain that inhaling carbon monoxide could potentially cause a chemical insult to the brain because it deprives the brain of needed oxygen.  Any time the brain is deprived of oxygen, trauma can happen and the result may (but not necessarily will) produce resulting seizures.


I know this question was from a while ago, but I can confirm that it is possible.  3 Weeks ago i had 2 grand mal seizures which were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning .

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