Am I having seizures?

Hi I don't know if anyone out there can help me.. I have been having these odd turns for a couple of years now and thought I was going out of my mind. I saw a new GP recently who referred me for EEG/CT/MRI scans. I have these feelings where I go really really tired then my leg starts twitching like it was a mind of it's own then I get pins and needles in my arm and end up feeling like I've had an electric shock down my right side. I then feel really tired again and usually fall asleep for about an hour and feel as though I've been asleep for days and still feel really tired and confused. I often wake up feeling like this too. (As though I've been run over by a truck in my sleep!!) My EEG was 2 weeks ago and my CT was last week. During my EEG when they do the deep breathing it happened again and when they started to do the flashing lights I was sick. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything like this? It could be months before I get the results back and I'm really scared! I would really appreciate any advice as my GP has been useless!


As a child I used to have

As a child I used to have the pins and needles in my right arm. It was an aura I would have before a seizure.

As an adult, I have had the hand shake but I would always go into a grand mal.

It sounds like you are having seizures since you are so tired afterwards

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I need to tell you right up front that I'm not a doctor. I am one of the many patients who has been diagnosed with have an epilepsy, which by the way I have had for over 18 years now. Now, with the description you have given, it appears that you are matching to the type of seizure called a simple partial seizure. And of the different categories of the simple partial seizures you are matching into the 'Sensory Seizures', which is due to the symptoms you are feeling of 'pins and needles'. Part of the reason as to why you might be having these problems can very well have something to do with what happened during your EEG. Hyperventilation and flashing lights are only two of several things that can trigger seizures.

I'd like to take and give you some suggestions which might be rather helpful. One, try to keep track of when all of these situations or odd feelings are taking place. Create yourself a little log book, and write down the time of day that they took place, what you were feeling just prior to the problems taking place, and if there happens to be anybody around you who may have witnessed you having these problems, asked them to provide feedback to you so you can add that into your log book. Write down as much as you can. Things like what happened, when did it happen, how long did it last, how did you feel after it took place, and what were you doing at the time when you were having those 'odd turns'. Whenever you have the time and if you could, please share with us what all you might end up writing down in that log book, because some of us may have had similar situations in the past just as well.

Here is something else that might be helpful. If by any chance you have no have a video camera, set the camera of to where it can be automatically recording whatever you are doing. Then later on, if there was any chance that you started feeling any 'odd turns' go back over what you may have recorded on that video camera. Then, if there is something on there which appears as for you possibly having a seizure, make sure that you take that and share it with your doctor(s). The more information that you share with your doctor can be so helpful to make a correct diagnosis as to what you may be experienced.

There is a huge amount of information in this entire web site of, and at this one website right here ( can be something similar as looking at the list of different street names on a foldout map. Now as for something that can be very important and rather necessary for you to know right up front, you need to look over the information pertaining to safety. And here is a website that can be helpful for safety.

Please keep us up to date as to how things are coming along with yourself, as well as sharing the results of all of your tests.

'Scared/Fear', minus 'Learning & Understanding, equals 'Living Well with Epilepsy'

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Thank you

I'm so glad I found this website! Thanks for your help and advice, just knowing that someone cares enough to reply, and has been going through the same thing is helping me get through this.