What would you do?/Would of done?

So I am going to college. I am doing a practicum/ work expereince in a daycare, I am studying Early Childcare. Yesterday I had some apointments with my specialists out of town one of them is a psychologist who specializes in epilepsy. I she reviewed our last apointment and asked me what has changed from their. All I could really add is I am having simmilar problems in a different program at the college.

She got this idea that since I am starting a work experience get the person that runs the epilepsy association in my city (the main office is though where I go for these apointments) but to get this lady, the person I deal with for disabilitiy serivces to come to the daycare and do a presentation to like 70 staff and volunteers on my epilepsy. It would be 5 presentations...I would technically have to miss 5 days if I do like she says and do make up days for them. And they wouldnt be allowed to have children there on those days because they are busy in meetings...I doubt they would do after. The daycare operates from 6am to 8pm.

I dont even want to go into early childcare anymore after this rule with insurance that has just been placed because I know I am not going to find any work and if I do Its going to be hard and a struggle to keeo the job, especially with seizures everyday. My resume is good but as soon as I disclose I have epilepsy its bye bye Kylie