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I just turned 21 and I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder a little under a week ago. My fiance was there with me when i found out and has supported me through all of it, the past few months with all my health problems she had been there for me and i can't thank her anymore but i've never been so scared and i don't know how to handle this all. i've been trying to hold myself together but i lay here in bed at 130am and im wide awake looking up everything possible on what seizure are, the medicines i am on, the side effects, the stories, etc. it's all too much and i don't know what to do. i know i should reach out to my friends and family but im scared to lose them cause what if i'm too much for them to handle. my fiaince's friend the other day asked her if she was still gonna stay with me now that i have this disorder and to even hear that killed me inside to think anyone would now im even more scared to talk about it and tell people. what if that can't except me for me...not only am i gay but now this. Come on when am i ever going to get a break. If anyone can give me advice or anything to help maybe tips on reaching out, talking about it, ways to relax and calm down, anything at this point would help.

Thank You.


I dont get whats wrong with people these days....  a S/O gets some kind of medical condition and  some decide to take the easy way out and leave.....I guess some people are not strong enough to stick it out......some of us get lucky and have somebody that will stick by us no matter what...... my fiance has stuck by me through, layoffs, getting fired from a job, multiple visits to the hospital, periods of long unemployment, side effects of meds.... glad I have had her here by my side through's not an easy thing to deal with... I would sit down with your fiance and talk with her..... communication is the best thing for your relationship with her...if she really loves you she will stand by you no matter what...... this is one of those moments when you find out who your true friends are.... dont listen to the people saying things like " are you gonna stay with her" etc etc..... just listen to your fiance and ignore the negative people around you

yeah i dont get it either people are so messed up and yeah you are so right. my fiance and i have say down and talked she told me she will be by my side no matter what and she has made that very clear so far, i think im just being scared and thinking the worst at this point because of whats going on. but thank you. i will sit down with my fiance again and just let her know how im feeling and hope she understand where im coming from on all this.

It is hard when someone is first diagnosed as so many different thoughts and feelings come out. It's hard for family and friends too as they may have questions or concerns that they don't want to ask. Many people find it helpful to attend a support group or see a counselor alone and with their key family/partner to sort this out. Think about this.. you may find very helpful!
Good luck!

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Thank You.

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