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Torn chest muscle

On Thursday my family brought me to the ER thinking my appendix was about to rupture. Good news is that it was swollen lymph nodes from a uti that I had just had. While checking into the ER I had a seizure (partial) it effected the right arm and even after it was over my right arm continued to tremor due to the severity of pain I was in. When they got the pain under control an my arm relaxed I noticed my chest hurt but with the amount of pain killers i thought it was gas pain. I woke the following morning and was in the worst pain of my life. Felt as though I had been stabbed in the chest and couldn't breath. I spent hours trying to get it to relieve. The pin got so bad that I was vomiting so off to ER we went again. I had torn the chest muscle when I had the seizure. Has this ever happened to anyone? Oh ya did I mention these were the last two days of vacation :(


Sorry to hear this! last 2 days of vacation ? I have not heard of torn chest muscle by itself, but I've heard and seen many types of injuries after seizures. Often they aren't picked up as due to seizures. Glad you are getting treated and hope you feel better soon!


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