The SUDEP Institute is proud to partner with organizations to ensure accurate information on SUDEP is available.  Below are some resources including:

  • PAME Coference and Webinar Series
  • SUDEP Counseling: Risk Management for Clinicians Webinar
  • Epilepsy's Fatal Potential Radio Broadcast
  • Investigating Deaths in Eplilepsy Patients Webinar
  • Epilepsy Mortality and Complicated Grief Webinar

PAME Conference and Webinar Series

The Epilepsy Foundation is a proud partner of Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy (PAME). 

In June 2012, PAME held its first three-day conference.  Devoted predominantly to Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy (SUDEP), this conference brought together doctors, scientists, families and advocates from around the world to advance awareness and understanding of epilepsy mortality and SUDEP.

In June 2014 the second the second PAME conference was held in Minneapolis, MN.  Read the summary to learn about current research on potential causes of mortality in people with epilepsy, including respiratory issues, sleep, cardiac failure, and genetics.

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SUDEP Counseling: Risk Management for Clinicians - CME and CNE Webinar

Learning objectives for this two‐part webinar:

Counsel patients and families regarding SUDEP as appropriate for the level of risk related to the individual patient's epilepsy, increasing patient and family understanding of the disorder and improving adherence to treatment recommendations.

Incorporate established techniques for counseling patients and families in discussions of epilepsy and its potential consequences, providing opportunities for improved communications and patient/family understanding of risks associated with epilepsy.

A total of 3.5 CNE/CME credits available.

Epilepsy's Fatal Potential Radio Broadcast

On this edition of Iowa Public Radio's River to River, Ben Kieffer talks with one of the Universtity of Iowa's lead SUDEP researchers, Dr. George Richerson, as well as Roxanne Cogil, Director of Iowa Epilepsy Services at the Epilepsy Foundation and Teresa Elliott, who lost her son to SUDEP.

Investigating Deaths in Eplilepsy Patients Webinar

Recognizing and accurately reporting epilepsy mortality is a critical step in understanding the causes and how to prevent epilepsy related deaths. To address this, we developed the Investigating Death in Epilepsy Patients Webinar. This unprecedented partnership led by the SUDEP Institute brought together all national death investigation organizations as well as the CDC, NIH, and the North American SUDEP Registry. Continuing Medical Education credit was provided by NYU School of Medicine. Post webinar evaluations demonstrated increases in knowledge of epilepsy mortality, awareness about how to accurately perform death scene investigations and autopsies, and understanding about how to fill out the death certificate so epilepsy deaths can be tracked. Share this free webinar with death investigators in your community

Epilepsy Mortality and Complicated Grief Webinar

Hosted by Linda Coughlin Brooks and Katherine Sheer, this webinar is targeted at grief counselors, therapists, social workers, and advocates. It will explain how epilepsy-related deaths often present unique challenges and will prepare participants to offer the support bereaved families need.

This webinar was hosted May 21, 2014 through a partnership with the Association for Death Educators and Counselors and is now available for download on demand. Learn more and register.

PAME 2014 Affiliate Attendess
Reviewed by: Joseph I. Sirven, MD | Patricia O. Shafer, RN, MN | Cyndi Wright on 4/2015

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