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What we eat and drink is central to our health in so many ways. Over the years, researchers have looked at the relationship dietary habits and nutrition have with a whole range of health conditions, for example with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and epilepsy.

Diet and Epilepsy

If seizure medicines don’t control seizures for a person with epilepsy, other therapies may help. Some people may try a special diet called the ketogenic diet, one of the dietary therapies that may be recommended by their health care team to improve seizure control.

But eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to be on a special diet. People with epilepsy have long reported that some foods may aggravate seizures or that going long periods of time without eating or “not eating well” can lead to poor seizure control.

The importance of diet has been reinforced in many ways. Anecdotal reports and some research is showing that improving the nutritional content of a person’s diet can improve seizure control and well-being in some people.

Healthy eating is a key pillar of the Wellness Institute. Here you will find information about nutrition and seizures, tips for eating healthy, including a Recipe Box (coming soon!). 

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Authored by: Patricia O. Shafer RN | MN on 3/2016
Reviewed by: Joseph I. Sirven MD on 3/2016
Wellness Institute
Wellness Institute

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