The Wellness Institute of the Epilepsy Foundation emphasizes the importance of a person's overall well being and quality of life. Seizures and epilepsy affects a person's wellness and quality of life in many ways. So do other health issues, your environment, your social situation, and how you care for yourself. 

The Epilepsy Foundation and The Charlie Foundation have teamed up to focus on the importance of wellness for people and families living with epilepsy.

We start with 4 pillars of wellness:

  1. Healthy Eating
  2. Fitness and Exercise
  3. Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program
  4. Emotional Health

Learn More about the Wellness Institute

Watch as Beth Zupec Kania RDN, CD, of The Charlie Foundation, introduces the Wellness Institute.

Isn’t wellness part of epilepsy self-management?

YES! Managing epilepsy requires many skills and resources, as well as knowledge about many different areas. For epilepsy, think about self-management in two parts:

  • Epilepsy-specific Self-Management includes information, skills, resources people need to manage seizures, treatments, safety, associated conditions, and other epilepsy-specific areas.
  • Wellness and Chronic Care Self-Management for people with epilepsy may include things common to other health conditions. Its key focus is on
    • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    • Having an active partnership with your health care team
    • Maximizing your ability to live independently

Getting Started

  • In using epilepsy.com, think about your role as the central person on your care team. Involve your family or whoever helps in managing your epilepsy.
  • Develop a network of health care professionals, community caregivers, and resources to help you learn the epilepsy-specific information you need, as well as how to become and stay well.
  • You’ll soon find that having a healthy lifestyle can have a direct impact on seizure control, mood, self-esteem, confidence, and your quality of life. Being fit and healthy can also prevent or treat other medical problems that affect you.

The Wellness Institute was introduced at the 2016 Epilepsy Pipeline Community Conference. Watch these videos to learn more.

Wellness Institute: Introduction

Phil Gattone, Epilepsy Foundation, shares the story of his family's epilepsy journey and introduces the Wellness Institute


Wellness Institute: The Four Pillars and Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program

Joseph Sirven MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona


Wellness Institute: Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Dietary Therapy

Jim Abrahams, The Charlie Foundation


Wellness Institute: Fitness & Exercise

Jenny LaBaw, Strength & Conditioning Coach/Athlete, tells her epilepsy story and talks about the importance of fitness and exercise in her life