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  • We are hard at work improving the epilepsy diary and are expecting to release a brand new version of the epilepsy diary apps and web app in early 2016. Read about the improved Epilepsy Foundation Seizure Diary.
  • We have put on hold the activation of new diary accounts until the new diary launches
  • If you registered for an account prior to March 18, 2014, you will be able to access your Diary by clicking on the "LOGIN TO YOUR my epilepsy diary" link above
    • On the login page, it is very important that you enter your username and your diary password. Note that on the previous site, the username was automatically inserted into your username field when you logged into, this is not the case anymore.

My Epilepsy Diary is your self-management tool to help you record, track and manage your seizures and epilepsy. The Diary lets you record your medical history, seizures, medications, side effects, moods or other personal experiences.

You can track changes over time, keep records of your medications and create a Seizure Response Plan to share with your family, friends and health care team.

My Epilepsy Diary also helps you remember what to do - you can have reminders of when to take your medicines, when to refill a prescription, or when you have medical appointments or tests.

My Epilepsy Diary lets you print out reports or send them to others, including your health care team electronically.

No more forgotten details. No more complicated record keeping. No more trouble remembering your medications. My Epilepsy Diary makes managing your epilepsy, or your loved one's epilepsy, fast and easy.