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Shocked, scared, worried - abnormal EEG results. Help please

I am in total shock. Got the phone call I was not expecting yesterday. My nurse called with me EEG results. All she could tell me was "abnormal EEG showinf epileptiform activities". I have no idea what this means. I am meeting with neurologist Monday afternoon 

The past year has been a roller coaster. Last Aug I started experiencing anxiety attacks, feeling "out of it", dizzy, confused, etc. I have had MRI of brain, neck, carotid, ct scan of head, EKG, echo, and full blood work. All normal. I chalked it up to perimenopause. I am 42. So, needless to say, when I got an abnormal EEG I was in disbelief. I am so worried. 

I have never had any seizures", that I can recall. Neither can my husband, parents, etc. 

can you help me understand what I am facing. I have 2 amazing  little girls that I live and breath for. I am scared 


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