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seizures once a month right before my period

For about 15yrs I have been having grandmal seizures and auras strange feelings I didnt understand mostly happining around my period,They started after a very stressful pregnancy didnt realize what was happing for about a year.Much better now that I changed medication but still have headaches,tired,mood swings aweek before my period and on my period that seem more painful then they did before this all started. Does anyone else have grandmal seizures right before they start thier period,had one once a month for many years until got on Keppra 3/06.


I had my first seizure many years ago, right before Igot my period for the first time.  My seizures were controlled for a long time until about 5 years ago.  I started to go to a female dr. who believed that there was a connection between epilepsy and menstruation.  Along with everything else I take a very small dose of clonazapam during my period only.  I have been seizure free for one year.  Good luck.

I get all my sz's around my period. Kinda helpful because I know to be on the look out during that time but also not because my cycle can be very erratic. It came out of nowhere though...well, not really. Came at 19 when I stopped taking Depo Provera. Hmmm....

Hi! Most of my seizures are now controlled except for the week before that lovely time of the month.I was taking extra meds that week but I felt too doped up and told doc I'd rather just put up with it. I know exactly how you feel!

I always have seizures before my period, I also found out that some birth controls can cause seizures because of the hormones..  Both my Gy and neurologist told me that there is a connection between them, but they dont know why.

My daughter has grand mals right before and during her period. These have been happening for quite some time before we realized the pattern. She has been on keppra before without results. Along with her usual seizure meds, she has recently started on an experimental progesterone for 15 days out of the month. So far, she has gotten through one month without a seizure! Best of luck to you.

I have been having the exact same problem as your daughter for 2 years now and i am 15. i have JME grandmal seizures. My mom and i are not getting any answers from the doctors so we have started looking on the internet and other places. it would be much help if you would tell me what kind of projesterone is your daughter taking. i also took keppra with no result and now i am on topamax. in fact they have increased the dosage three times. any information you could share would be greatly appreciated.


  I also get seizures more around my cycles.  I tried keppra but for me it only made me feel suicidal. 

  I started taking progesterone pill plus a progesterone shot, mainly because of my age.  I'm 47 now and my cycles were going on for weeks.  I noticed that the combination of the two had helped control the seizures and was suppose to stop the cycles.  But, I still get them, but not as frequent.   The progesterone pill I'm on is a generic for Provera called Medroxyprogesterone.   I know there is a progesterone cream also that I used years ago, but not for seizures.  You could check on that also. 

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