My mother has seizures and I need help.

Hello I am 19 and my mother who is 36 has had seizures since I was born. I grew up watching her have what doctors call petit mal seizures. She would stare off, hands would look as if they're cramped up and she smack her lips for about 10-15 seconds and afterwards she would be confused, couldn't walk without guidance and have a slurred speech. Now she doesn't stare off and she doesn't do the thing with her hands and lips she now can now tell me she feels a seizure coming on. Her seizures are unrecognizable to someone who doesn't know her. I can usually just tell she's having one by her facial expression (she looks kind of dazed) and she can't walk nor speak. She can speak but it's very slurred and mashed together. But she is also very aware and conscious she can tell me if she has to use the rest room she pick up her phone and answer calls. It's just very confusing I've tried to Google this but came up with no luck. Are you guys aware of these seizures? Can you guys enlighten me about this? I would really appreciate it.