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Menstrual cycle and temporary epileptic type activity



Hopefully somone out there can help me - I'm desperate at this point !

Recently diagnosed with mild epilepsy and I'm on severe meds which is dramatically affecting my life, my last chance to have children and my work prospects.

I am 40yrs old. Over a year ago, I had a major interrupion to my menstrual cycle for the first time ever. My cycle was as regular as clockwork, and all of a sudden I had 4 months of crazy periods - one came after Day 18, next Day 40, next Day 53 etc until it finally settled down to 28 days by itself. During this time I was depressed, easily annoyed, angry, no motivation and difficulty with concentration (where I would tune out almost but still carry on succesfully with the task I was doing at that moment e.g. driving, cleaning etc).  I had about 4-5 of these lapses in concentration during that time, each lasting typically 3-5 seconds. I told my GP all the above and she sent me to a 'not-very-nice' Neurologist who labelled me with Mild Epilepsy and has put me on 4 consecutive severe meds and all have been a disaster.

MRI and EEG all normal. No concrete evidence of any epilepsy and now my Neurologist wants to ban me from driving which means I will have to give up my job. I am devastated especially when it's based on very little. I never had any lapses in concentration since my cycle has settled. Hey, we all have lapses in concentration - but does that mean everyone has Epilepsy? !

I have read about Catamenial Epilepsy and its link to hormones/cycles etc. But has anyone out there had the temporary lapses in concentration like me above and then it goes away?

I feel I don't have Epilepsy (I may be wrong). But I cannot cope with the extreme side effects of medicaltions for a condition I may not have and for something that was so mild.

I am seeking a second opinion from a supposedly brilliant Neurologist, but it may take 4 months to get an appointment. Second opinion is of paramount importance right now. I feel my previous Neurologist is trying to cover his own a$$ with his diagnosis of me and the driving ban etc.

Thank you for listening. Would love your insight.


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