can it come back

my name is kitsty and i am 22. i have grown out of my seizures and came off my medication when  i was 18. is there any chance that the epilepsy could come back?

for the past few months i have been feeling really funny and was blowing up a balloon for my nephews party and felt like i was going to have a fit. is there any chance that it could come back?


Re: can it come back

from everything i have read and peoples experiences yes it can come back. I didnt have a lot of problems like I used to have the last 3- 4 months. Now im on edge the whole time and getting a lot of seizures again suddenly! I dont know what triggered it! Does anyone know if one can become too used to their medication or what could trigger it suddenly? I for my part didnt exactly work a lot in the last month so not a lot of stress and i exercised and slept and ate more healthy than ever before! I watched out for all my seizure triggers and left the topic of epilepsy to focus on other things i need to achieve instead of being sad about it or obessing about it like i used to! Thank god i didn have a generalised seizure yet with this new episode of seizures but i sleep bad and feel weird and wake up all tired and stiff and weary and i had sleep seizures before! so no clue if that also came back! I feel constantly sick and have a headache by my temporal lobes since a week now and all those other disgusting feelings and symptoms from seizures besides the seizures. It is problematic because i have to go work soon and i dont want to loose my job because of epilepsy again just because i cannot perform up to peoples standards and i really believed i got the upper hand of it now. but oh i was wrong!!