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Active Duty with Seizures- Please help!


Hi All,


So I'm really new to all of this, I'm on here for any advice at all regarding my husband who has been recently having seizures.

My husband is 27 years old and has been in the US army just on four years and is about to make Captain. He has always been very healthy, no history of seizures/epilepsy in his family.

About a month ago I awoke to the sounds of him having a tonic clonic seizure in his sleep. It was about the scariest thing I have ever witnessed! This had never happened before and my husband is the healthiest person I know, so my first thought was he was having a heart attack or something. I called the EMS and they came really quickly, once my husband had come around they pretty much told me he'd had a seizure and was he epilieptic... I was shocked. They took us to the ER for further testing as it was his first known seizure. All basic testing came back clear and they told him/me to monitor it as it could be a one off seizure and referred us on for a neurolgist and EEG testing which we had completed and awaited results.

Almost to the day a month later my husband had another seizure, this time in the evening while I was driving him home from work. I pulled over as quickly as I could and managed to cradle his neck and head but his arm got pretty beat up on the plastic console in the middle of the car. (He now has a fractured shoulder!) He came to about 4 minutes later and requested to go home. I was reluctant because his arm was so sore but I took him home and within ten minutes he had another seizure on our sofa. Of course we ended up at the ER again. This time they took him more seriously but still couldn't really tell us why this was happeneing. He has no history of head trauma, infections, trauma at birth etc.. just minor things over the years but he was never treated for concussion or anything like that. I'm wondering if there was some exercise he has done that he has hurt himself, but ignored it as soldiers often do. He has been deployed once but denies being near any direct bombings/blasts.

I am totally stumped, this has come out of nowhere! Has anyone out there experienced anything similar to this? And being in the army, does this mean he will get med boarded out for epiliepsy? He is just about to make Captain in a month would they postpone this...that would just crush him! As it stands we still do not have a diagnosis of Epilepsy but the ER docs have pretty much said more than two seizures is classed as Epilepsy. We're awaiting a diagnosis from his regular neurologist.

Any advice/guidance anything at all would be so very appreciated! We are stationed away from our families, so we are feeling so overwhelmed right now.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

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