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Tripping Acid



I am 15 years old and I've had 2 partial seizures. They both came from hitting my head, the first was playing football with no pads with my friends, and the second came from boxing with my friends. I heard that if you take acid with a history of seizures, then you will have a seizure whilst tripping. I take Kepra twice a day ( I think it is 750mg twice a day). But can someone explain to me if I will have a seizure if I try acid/shrooms considering that I don't have an epileptic pattern of seizures.

(I know drugs are bad so don't waste your time telling me that...I'm just very curious)



How do you know you don't have "an epileptic pattern of seizures"?  Is this what your neurologist told you?  Why were you put on Keppra in the first place?  If you want to take illicit drugs, you should tell your neurologist; he can't "make you" not take them, but if he knows your wishes he may decide on a different treatment plan for you.

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