Nocturnal Seizures?


PLease help, I am 16 years old and I have been having these THINGS for about 5 years now, and the closest thing I can come up with is that it can be seizures. Well, I've finally gotten a sleep study scheduled, but they have been bothering me more and more. Please please someone tell me what is going on in my body. Every time it happens, its always when I'm asleep, and it starts to tingle up my stomache and this pressure comes up in my head. Thats when I wake up, only I can't open my eyes, and My whole upper body goes rigid and from finger-tip to finger-tip through each of my arms it feels like I am being electrocuted. It is sometimes very painful and my ears are ringing so loudly I can't hear anything else. All I can do is move my feet and try to concentrate on breathing, but all I can do is wheeze. My hands are stretched out as tight as my muscles can go...I'm sick of it, and It's getting worse and worse. Please help. Is my neuro going to find anything on the sleep study? Please tell me yes!!!?


Re: Nocturnal Seizures?

i can see that lots of people are jumping on this question.  it is a difficult one.  i will give you what i know.  i can guess maybe a couple of things that you have not listed.  sometimes these events can happen just when you are dropping off to sleep.  sometimes there is a faint memory of a "dream"  the truth is that seizure activity is common at these times with some types of seizures.  for me it is not like the electrocuted feeling.  it is more like some one has been pounding on my funny bone and i can't move away from it.

will the sleep study help.  the answer is maybe.  most of the diagnostics of seizure disorder is done by history.  the other thing to help with this is if they video tape the study.  most do.

being a teen is difficult enough,  add this and it is much worse.  i have had seizures since i was 3.

first thing is to realize that this is a brain thing not a mind thing.  it is no different than heart, stomach, liver, or kidney.  public preception is usually not that way.  you did not mention medications, but there are many different types.  the study should help with either telling you what it is, oor maybe what it is not.  hope it helps .  rikk