DRIVING [Hates medical review board].


Yeah, so pretty much I have been seizure free for a little over a year now. I am a pretty good driver (been practicing with my learner's permit) and I am READY to get my regular license.
In the state of FL, if you have had a seizure in less than 24 mo., you need doctor's approval to drive and it needs to be reviewed by the state.
It takes forever for the medical review board to go over the doctor's note. I'm talking 3 weeks. On top of that, the doctor doesn't have the form so I won't have my license for two months.

I am 19 years old and this is so frustrating. I can finally get my license and I have to wait forever! =(


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be glad. be frustrated, be sad, be mad. be happy.  you will get your licence, but more important you have been seizure free, for over a year.  hope you have your licence soon.  take care.  rikk

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thanks. it's exciting and annoying @ the same time ya know?
i am also afraid i will have another seizure, but i take good care of myself.

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Hey I'm Em, and I'm 18. I also live in the state of FL. my neuro only said 6 months that I can't drive after I have a seizure to get my driver's license in the state of Fl. I don't have my license yet (still working on that...I am a really bad driver though =P)  But, I went back to her after I had one to make sure I don't need a form to drive and she never mentioned it. If it is 24 months, well there's going to be a little complication with the college thing, and seriously a review board...oh. Either way I know this comment doesn't help you much because I never knew about the review board. This comment is more of a "you're not the only one and letting you know personally online". But ya though, yay Florida! Congrats on making a whole year without having a seizure that's a big accomplishment!


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im allee. i know how you feel. every teenager on their 16th birthday imagines a car in theur drivway lol. in oklahoma you have to be 6 months free, and ive gone 2 months now. im 18, ready to go off to college  but no licence. sso,how will i get around in college? we will have to see.

i want a scooter:]