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Colleges that work with sz???


Do any of you teens know of any colleges that are willing to work with students who have tonic-clonic sz? My 19 yo daughter would like to attend college away from home, but she's had nighttime tonic-clonics for three years. The sz are hard. She would need considerable support because she stops breathing, vomits while unconscious and sometimes tries to walk while still fairly incoherent. IDEAS, PLEEZE! Thank you!


Hello- I am a college graduate BA student who has complext partial seizures, I also have blindness and hearing impairment/deaf-blindness. Most of the times  colleges have a disablity services counselor or ADA counselor who sets up services for students with disabilities. Now since her seizures are at night time, the dorm staff would have to know what kind of disbaility or seizures she has and what to do- the only other thing i've heard of is that people who live in the dorms (like i have) usually have to had good seizure control and if EMS is required then its something they know to do if seizures are becoming unmanagable. If seizures happen while in school or cause great distractions than usual the student is asked to come back when seizures are better controlled. The staff at school, teachers and residential staff only know to call 911 and cannot assist a person in a seizure due to rules. When i had two seizures close together, my friend was on the phone with me and called EMS for me and my residential staff, police and EMS came to get me to go to the hospitol, but i believe that if it were happening a lot they would not be able to take on the stress or would not be able to provide help over a long periode of time.

If you attend school a disability services counselor would be able to tell you more about how they can help or what services they provide. Usually the services are more for blindness, deafness, mobility impairments, speech impairments or learning disabilitiy. Nothing that involves personal assistant or nurses. Seizures cannot cause a distraction in classes or on the dorm- they won't of course let anything bad happen to you but they would like for student's medical conditions to be on some form of control or self managable. I have a twin sister who has seizures as well as both would help eachother out- we also lived on the first floor and our friends were able to get to us if we needed help. The health department or nurses on staff knew about our seizures and would offer help if needed.

I would definatly talk to a college's disability services counselor and housing staff or manager and see what the option are for uncontrolled night time seizures. if you have any questions- feel free.

Take care. 

federal law mandates that persons with disabilities must be accomadated.  the problem is, if the things they provide are sufficent for your needs.  talk to the schools you are interested in and ask lots of questions.  if it is possible and you want go to school.  the other thing that might be of interest, is that employers are under the same type of regulations.  the doc has the last call on that one.  hope it helps.  rikk

Crystal again. I am a vocational rehabilitation major at college and did live there for three years in a dorm. The ADA laws do help some but mainly for employment. Now if you were a blind person like me and said "I want to attend you school sucessfully" and they said "no bec we cannot accomodate you" then ADA would set it and they would have a lot of problems. But of course most colleges would already have accomodations available for those with blindness such as large print for low vision persons, CCTVs, books on tape, brailled tests and materials, note-takers, interpreters if you are deaf-blind or deaf etc. Now if you have seizures they can only do so much since they are not medical personell and there are rules to the school and student code of conduct and the reason i know this is because my disability counselor told me that if i don't take my meds and I have a lot of seizures that distract class or cause panic or I hurt myself or others then school may not be an options at that point till its under better control. My seizures are no fully controlled but the dean of my school is a lawyer and it becomes pretty strict when it comes to what a teacher, staff, dorm staff, or others can do for you in a seizure or to help you for reacurring seizures. But yes, please do talk with a disability counselor in disability services about your seizures and your plans for college and that your interested in living in the dorms. because you would like in the dorms it would cause a bit of trouble due to the fact that they are maily other students that have applied for the job of dorm staff or residential instructor so they would only know to call EMS/911 or call someone you have asked them to call during an emergency. When I had a bad seizure they called EMS and they took me to the hospitol and they would not just leave me but they are not responsible for my care and can lead to some legal issues. SO- talk talk talk and explain your situation and the dean/staff/disability counselors can help you decide weather college is appropriate at this point with uncontrolled seizures.

Take care, be safe.


Crystal, thank you so very much for taking the time to give us some very excellent food for thought.  Good luck with your studies.

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