So here's one for all of the seniors and Juniors in High-school... Who is scared of college? All my friends are so pumped for it and I joke around about and talk about all the parties. So I just sit there and smile and talk about it to and put on a fake act while really its one of the scariest things for me because what happens if I have a seizure 3 hours away from my family and no one know who I am in a hospital while I'm out? Or no one notices me seizing on hard floor during a party (someone in my town died seizing on a concert side walk cause he slammed his head) I can't do the college scene, i have to avoid strobe lights, can't hang flashing christmas lights like my brothers, and I probably have to lock up my medication, and most of all I can not drink and join in without putting myself at risk. My favorite way of putting is I'm sick of living this watered down version of my life, but I live it anyways.

So who else knows what I am talking about?


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saint, dont cutyourself or your capabilities short. i've experienced what your talking about  the 1 thing you really need to do is focus on the purpose of college and not so much the fun. in the end, you will find your on the right track. its so easy to get lost in the party fun  i understand the what-ifs. wear a bracelet.. list  meds down with important info, home # etc carry that info on you at all times and leave another copy at your desk. it works for me. the other thing that can help greatly is to let your roommate{s} know as much as possible. it does eleviate some tension if they know what to expect.. dont waste an ounce of intellect over an illness, doing so lets the illness take you over.. good luck and i hope you do go to college.. ps the 1rst yr away is always the hardest but that is part of growing up...babzy



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I'm Shelitha and I'm a freshman in college right now. You sound just like I did last year and deciding to move three hours away from my family was the harderst decision I've made thus far. I was frightened of all the things you say, but I took the risk anyway and It's been amazing! No, I can't drink and I can't always go out to the clubs my friends do, but I still manage to have a good time and a good social life and I'm doing well in college and if you really want to, I know you will as well. You'll do great in college!! I know so and don't let something as small as epilepsy to slow you down from doing something you really want to do. Remember, college is all about what you make it!

So here are some tips from me:

First of all, talk to your neurologist about what you need to do to make sure that you're secure medically for next year.

When you first get to your school, find the hospital nearest to you 

It may be hard at first, but introduce yourself to your Resident Assisant and tell her condition and she'll watch out for you at the dorms and there is always emergency info in your file at your dorm

Talk to friends and see if which clubs have strobe lights, you'll be surprised to find that a lot of them don't have them

Don't be afraid to tell people you don't drink, you don't have to tell them why, but just say you dont and a lot of people willl actually respect you for it and if you dont want to do that you can always get a drink and hold it ( BUT DON'T DRINK IT) and no one will remember if you did or not, because chances are they will all be drunk anyway

When you go out, find a cool sober friend; so that if something is to happen, they will be sure to notice

Goodluck!!! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask





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thank you both very much... its nice to know I'm not just psyching myself out and others have felt the same way... I already have a bracelet but I still have got a year to figure out how to do this and I will take these suggestions to heart.

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When you leave for college, you will realize there are so many people dealing with many different issues and all of you will learn how to cope. You will meet others with seiure disorders, diabetics, people with eating disorders, depression, ADD, you name it. Sometimes it feels like to not have any issues is the exception rather than the rule.


You sound like a smart kid who is really concerned about the future but don't let that overshadow the present. How are your seizures controlled while on medication? That will help you to gauge the future a little bit.


Good luck and enjoy the process of looking at schools.


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Don't worry about it. I'm a junior in college and I can't drink but I still have loads of fun with my drunk friends. You get an excuse to act insanely crazy! I was super excited to drink for my 21st birthday but now of course I can't.

My seizures returned sophomore year of college. It happened when I was walking up the stairwell to my dorm. I was found about 1/2 hour later unconscious and the paramedics picked me up to take me to the hospital (in 1 1/2 feet of snow!). I am five hours away from my family and it works out fine. I have two neurologists (one at college and one at home) which is nice because I get two opinions. Everyone on my dorm floor was very supportive which was awesome.

I go to parties, it sucks always being the DD but I still have fun. I hate strobe lights with a fiery redheaded passion.

Even if people are drunk, they will notice if something is wrong. Have a few friends check in with you every once in a while to make sure you're okay.

The most important thing is to have fun. College is amazing and you shouldn't miss out on the best parts!

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I completely know what ur talking abt. One of my biggest fears is having a seizure at school, or that people will find out. I'm afraid I'm gonna forget to refill my meds. Of course, I wanna go to college but these are the things that bother me that other kids don't think abt.

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Ive had epilepsy since I was 4 and I am now a senior in High School and now I am coming with doubts on colege. So I know ow you feel because I wanted to become a neuroligists since I was 4 but the struggke in class now plus I am on ome hospital my mm took me out of public so I could recover from brainsrgery easy but that did not work. I hope you have better figuring than me.

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yeah, the idea of college was scary for me. i didn't know how i'd react to lights in clubs, etc. i haven't had a seizure in a year though because i have never missed my meds and haven't had more than 1 1/2 drinks and a couple rounds of pot. you just gotta be careful in what you do.
i had a seizure in high school (my last seizure), and it was embarassing and i'm sure noone forgot it. noone mentioned it again though.
if you have frequent seizures, make sure your friends know about it so they know what to do when they are around you. inform your teachers. don't be embarassed.

tell your R.A. at your dorms you have epilepsy, who will notify your roommate. my friend got an epileptic roommate.

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i want to be super excited about it, but its hard. i get what you mean, its ALL of that plus the fact that my parents are the ones worrying the most, pressuring me to stay home. i altered my plans to go to a college about and hour away.


i cant get my licence... gotta go 6 months, so how am  i suppose to get around?


try to stay positive, it sucks, yeah. but its just something that we are going to havve to deal with the rest of our lives (lucky to those who are fine and congrates to those who over came them).

live normaly, and safely :] good luck

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I have a daughter and son who have both seizures and migraine. My son can have a normal eeg at times, other times there are some abnormalitiey.

Topamax can be a good med for both seizures and migraine....

She will go far if she can learn to work around her triggers. You mentioned her cycle (a big one for my daughter too), stress....Lack of sleep can be another. Flickering lights affect my daughter a lot also....

You might ask if she can up her meds just before her cycle, by a pill or two, I have a friend who does this.....Ask the neuro.

My kids are 15 and 13, so I can understand that at 17 and with college ahead it is very scary for you. Educate yourself all you can on seizures and migraine.

( ged diploma and homeschool online )

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The idea of college was scary for me too like other commenters. I completely know what you are talking about. One of my biggest fears is
having a seizure at school, or that people will find out. I am afraid
that I am gonna forget to refill my meds.
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Dear Saint;

i know how is it like to be afraid of having a siezure and everybody will know .... but really once you are in the college things will go better ...I'm a junior in college and I doesn't drink and go to lots of parties with flashes yet I still have loads of friends whom i can have fun with them .... but i have to give you an advice you should make a card or something and on it  write your name ,medical history and your meds. and put it into your wallet so in case anything happend pepole will check your wallet and they will know how to deal with your case

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Being a senior in college now (I am only recently diagnosed with e, but I've always been sensitive to bright lights, and never big on drinking personally)

I am not sure what your direction in college is, I go to an art school in the city.. and my biggest concern is staying up too late doing homework (the only cause thus far for my seizures is lack of sleep), trust me there will be parties - i am not sure where you are going to school, but if its more like a regular "movie campus" there will be more house parties than anything, which there is rarely strobing lights, and drinking, personally i don't enjoy the feeling of being drunk, I've always been the sober one at parties - and even if i do drink, literally a drink or two. trust me you can learn to have fun at parties being sober, I actually think it is hilarious being sober with everyone else inebrieted because.. the look so stupid.

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College is not as fun as most people put it. It's only fun for those who
go there to party. Some people just want to get out of there and get on
with their goals of becoming a doctor, business consultant, etc. We
make the best corporate medallion in tow.

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Saint, the "watered down version" of your life might help you make better grades than the people who are healthy but are focused on parties and drinking.  There are plenty of ways to have fun in college without drinking or clubs.  Most college campuses have many activities on campus, check them out. If I had focused on what I should have been doing while I was in college chances are I wouldn't be sitting here broke and unemployed ;(

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I kind of get what you mean.  I'm a bit of a loner, so I won't be partying much, but the fact that I'm also going to be 3 hours away from home scares both me and my family.  I've already decided that I'm going to tell my roommate, whoever she may be, that I am prone to seizures in case anything happens (it's not like she's not going to ask what my medication is for, anyways).  My seizures, for as long as I've been having them, have always happened in the mornings, so I'm going to try to organize my schedule by having as few as possible classes in the early morning to avoid that.

I didn't even think of locking up my medication though, but as long as I don't have a druggie for a roommate, I think I should be okay in that respect.

I don't know if they will have them at your college, but the college I plan on attending has "emergency" poles around the campus that are used in case of emergencies, which comforts me some.  My top college choice also has an on campus ER and my second choice has a hospital right across the street.  Both were by coincidence, but it's another comforting thing.

For the most part, I'm excited about going out on my own, but there are always these "little-but-not-so-little-things" that I need to worry about.  It always makes me think about "what if I never had that first seizure?" ...not that there is anything I can do about that, but still, I can only imagine how much easier it would be to live without that worry.  Especially when it comes to concerts and school.  I'll be in a high traffic area where a lot of concerts are going to be held and I'll have to learn to say no if it interfers with my sleeping/school schedule.  If I never had these seizures, I'd be able to do what I wanted without fear of possibly killing myself the next morning.  Maybe the phrase "possibly killing myself" is a little harsh though...