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Any help here...reflex seizures? Specific subject matter triggers....


i'm an outgoing 16 yr old male. Been tested over the years and no one can figure out my condition.

this happenedagain today. The last time was 2-1/2years ago.

In a high school assembly the speaker was talking about the effects of drug use, marijuana, cocaine etc...for the outr upcoming Prom this week.

I simply can not tolerate the subject matter and discussion (I HAVE NEVER USED ILLEGAL DRUGS) I pass out during class, have incontinence etc...pretty sure a seizure. I play HS sports, have an active social life and Drs in the past have run every battery of tests. Everything negative. Said in the past it might be electrolyte inbalance? My point is...ANYTIME the discussion/talk is about drugs I have these episodes. 

Anybody ever experience this.

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