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<p>get to know eachother</p>

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Hi, I am a 19 year old girl. I just started college and was diagnosed with JME in February. Since then I have had 3 tonic-clonic seizures. My last one was on October 24th, and since I live in Utah...

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Hello, guys my name is Emma Morgan :) I am a third year student at Nottingham Trent University and I am real need of your help. I would like to document some people who have epilepsy as I knew...

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Hi there!  

I'm a sixteen year old girl with JME. About a month ago my doctor added 500 mg of Keppra to my medication list, (which includes 750mg of depakote daily, 50 mg of  ...

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My 14 year old daughter. Started about a year ago with episodes of saying things looked different. she doesnt know how to explain it other than Mom I know im in your bedroom but it doesnt look...

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I started taking Depakine for 8 months now and I've gained some weight because I'm hungry all the time and lost half of my hair so I would like to know if any of you had this problem with this...

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I have a 19 year old with epilepsy. He was diagnosed at the age of 6. My main goal right now is getting his seizures under control. I would like to hear from those who struggled with this and what...

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Hi my name is Nicole and I am new here I have just been told I have epilepsy. I am just coming to turms with it all. Dose it get easier from here?

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I have never had seizures and I had an MRI done and my neurologist found an abnormality in my brain and they say they don't know what it is. Well I got an EEG done and he told me that the electric...

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I have a daughter age 13 diagnosed with JME for almost a year.  Is there some of you out there that can chat with her about it?  Currently she tries to hide it and doesn't like to talk about it...

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Hi I am 17 and I have had seizures for over 9 years. I have a very loving father but a very abusive mother. They have been married for 25 years. One thing have noticed every time I am around my I...

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Back when I was 10 I was diagnosed with
brain cancer. After discussing the surgical
procedure and prognosis with the physician
my mom and I went home and...

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Hi "Frozen in Morning" - Hannah Mae

Years ago I worked in a gym as a physical therapist;
Some folks came in really messed up AND out of shape.
Others were just messed...

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Dear Matt (New and alone)

My best bit of advice for dealing with the bumps and grinds of daily life is

a) no matter who you are, nature wants a bite out of you - its part of life...

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Hi im matthew im 18 and ive just recently been diagnosed with epilepsy is anyone alone to talk to i feel alone and i dont know anyone with it and i just feel alone and i have no one to talk to...

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Hello everyone 

I am 17 and i have recently been feling useless because i am not able to do anything on my own because of my epilepsy, i had an operation earlier this year but since the...

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Hi everyone!

Anyone in Depakote and Lamotrogine combination?

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A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to the emergency room twice in 1 day cuz of my epilepsy and now Im having trouble talkingcuz of my epilepsy and idk what to do? Austin Hawks



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Hi, I'm 39 years and I was diagnosed to JME when I was 15 years. I tried some medications and didn't worked on me. When I was 22 I was on Depakote and worked very good on me, No seizures or jerks...