vns removal

next month abby is to have her vns removed and replaced with the newer smaller model. she has had hers since 2000. i am seriously considering having it removed. she has had it turned down and there has been no change in seizure activity. she always seems to be sick, sore throat, strep,  gastro problems. is the vns the cause of any of the above?  any suggestions ? she has seizures every 7 to 14 days , and usually has a sore throat /strep when she does have one. 


Re: vns removal

Can not tell you for sure, asking my memory to do something, but if I remember the last surgery afterwards was a rather sore throat. They will be doing it again because the battery for my VNS has died and are not able to get a signal. Also do recall feeling it, but only when the magnet was wagged in front or they were tinkering. I am on the other end of that stick, juiced to the max. Hope all comes out well.


Re: vns removal

I am about to have mine removed.  I've had it for almost 6 years now (since 8/30/02).  I've never had a soar throat or anything like that.  I had it turned off 7/21/08.  Not very long after it was turned off, it started to get soar.  Every time I use my left arm, I can feel it pushing tight against my chest.  Then it will be soar for the rest of the day.  I only had good luck with it for about 11 months.  Then my seizures returned.  When I went back to have it turned up, it made my seizures worse.    I had mid-temporal lobe in March, 07'.  Now I don't need it anymore.  Have been seizure free for almost 18 months.  Hope all goes well with Abby.  I wish her all the best!!

Re: vns removal

Hello Susan! I know you posted this question back on July16th, but I thought I'd comment anyways. I got my VNS in June of 2008. I haven't noticed any infections....yet....after reading what other people posted, about seizures returning, I pray it continues to work for me! Did you end up having the VNS removed completely? How is Abby now? I am curious to know. I pray all is well!