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Pre Admission Tests Before Surgery

I finally finished all of my pre- operative tests for Epilepsy surgery and my surgery is scheduled for December 13th. I just have one question... For those of you who have went through Epilepsy surgery I would like to know what types of tests are involved in the pre admission tests before the surgery begins? Any comments would really help me. Thank you.


My surgery for epilepsy done 6 weeks ago involved coming in to lab 2 weeks early for blood count and chemistry, an EKG, and a chest X-ray. I'm in decent shape (55 yo), and I take it this is a standard battery of tests.

By the way, good luck! I was sort of out of it for the first 4 weeks or so, wondering if I had really ruined my life, wondering if they had chosen the wrong side, etc. Improving day by day since then, working lots with 'speech therapy' on how to work with any confusion, forgotten names, etc. Fortunately, things seem to be coming along, fingers crossed... Enjoying time off: remodeling bathroom, taking naps, rubbing scalp, learning tricks w/ variable success on speaking as if I never had any such intervention (speak less/listen more, which is probably good). Hopeful.

I went through the standard EEG and MRI, along with the Wada test (you can Google that one to find out more, and there is information on this site as well) that sets your brain "on fire" for a few seconds. Lots of memory tests where you play games, trivia, recall, and just anything to test different parts of brain activity, cognitive reasoning, body movements, and most importantly, memory. I had the same tests (not the Wada) a year after the surgery to see if there were any effects from the surgery. Mine turned out well, and 10 years after, still going strong with it with no issues or complaints.

Best of luck to you!

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