After surgery side effects query

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Except the return of seizures due to keppra dosage, Has anyone experience brain spams or twinges after their surgery. As these seems to paralyse u in someway for short while. I told my neurologist about this, sometimes can cause a lot of dizziness in a wake environment, couple of times I stayed off work due to it., I know it causes a lot of tingling when trying to open your eye or if the eyes are open cant keep them open and just let it pass as it feels like a lot of electric struck an area and can be heard too. This only happens for few secs to min in some morning or if I am in a sleep


Last time I Had the dizziness like that was at work, I saw some1's aura(energy shield), being in to spiritualism without needing to focus like you normally do..


Re: After surgery side effects query

I had two surgeries on the left temporal lobe, one was the removal of brain tumor, second was changing the skull replacement and cutting out the scarring from staph.

The effects your having, my personal thought, consider where exactly the surgery was performed and how the surgery went about where they cut your nerve tissue and area of brain may be nearby your sensory nerves.  I get a tingle up and down the scar on my head with stress or chemical imbalance like alcohol/glass of wine from the oxygen removal in the muscle of the brain or not taking my vitamins.  Other reasons, from the seizures I can't tolerate metal material like jewelry cuz the extra electrical current that my body is use to, the metal will magnetize, can you wear a watch or does the battery go dead right away, if so the battery dies from demagnetizing its power.  Anyway, if there is metal staples your brain muscles maybe numb from the excess heat from the magnetic field between your eletrical pattern and the response to the metal.

Think of it like in your arm when you hold your arm up or sleep on it, it goes numb from not getting enough blood flow and oxygen in that area....

Re: After surgery side effects query

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 The Surgery I went for was to remove a walnut size brain tumour from my right temporal lobe  in 7/12/06 and I did have a craniotomy.

Its like a lot of shocks or some sort of seizure that could be going on I did find them very scarey until i got used to them, then I let them pass instead of trying to fight it and wake up which is not always successful. As what u said about the scars I like running my finger down it, and do feel the tingles