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top 100 pediatric neurologists?

does anyone know where i can find the top 100 list? i have googled it and can't find anything. my son is in desperate need of a doctor who knows what the heck they are talking about. i don't care where i have to go.


I recently went to an Epilepsy conference in New York and found out the doctors there are epileptologists, all they do is epilepsy. I like my neurologist, but since my daughter is continuing to have seizures and side effects from the meds, we are taking her there for an evaluation. It seems these doctors (who are on the "Top 100" doctors of New York) do know what they are talking about. Good Luck

Where in New York did you go?  We are also in need of a pediatric epileptologist and have no idea how to find "the best". 

use the find a doctor link which will take you to the member database of epilepsy specialists.. from American Epilepsy Society.
Or contact the National Association of Epilepsy Centers and look up centers in your area for children.
National Association of Epilepsy Centers

Another resource is the Child Neurology Society.
Hope this helps!


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