severe depression/anxiety following seizures.

I have lived in denial for the best part of 30 years regard my epilepsy. I called my seizures blackouts  unable to explain to friends and family just exactly I was experiencing - it was such a strange sensation. To cut a very long story short over the past 6 months my seizures have become more frequent. Yesterday I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy by my neurologist. The symptoms of my seizures, I discovered were classic descriptions. Deja- vu, memory loss and a strange smell following the attack. What I find worse is the depression and anxiety felt for days afterward. Is this common after an attack due to a changes in chemicals/electrical impulses? I have been prescribed Tegretol (200mg). I begin taking 1/2 a tablet before progressing onto 2 tablets after 7 days. I have been told I must stop driving for 3 months which is a pain but must be adhered to. Any advice greatly appreciated.