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Possible Eplipsy in Me and Daughter

I have an EEG scheduled for my daughter in a few days and I am working with a doctor but I wanted to share my story and see if anyone has any thoughts or similiar experiences.

My twelve-year-old daughter has had about four episodes that we have previously thought were migraines. The first three migraines consisted of a really bad head-ache and vomitting. She really slept most of the time so other symptoms may have been unkown to us. Her most recent episode lasted for about 8 hours, the first symptoms we are aware of started with a headache, mild confusion and she had a flushed face. It slowly progressed into throwing-up, hallicunations, garbled speech along with her having the inability to say sentences or words correctly. She also would sit up and stare at me in a weird way and then lay back down or would complete tasks like washing her hands over and over again. It seemed to hit its peak about halfway in and then she progressively got better again. She also said she had numbness in her arm.

We thought this was a migraine until seeing her doctor the next day who said this has seizure-like symptoms. I had what we thought were migraines just like her around my change. However, I also remember my arms pulling up to my chest and jerking along with periods of time when I blacked out. I would knock things over with my arms and people would ask my why I did that but didn't remember doing it. I also remember a feeling like it was the end of the world moments before the onset. Once I remember waking up in a fetal position on the floor and didn't know how much time had passed.

When my daughter was three or four there were a couple years where she had bad respirtory issues, she was sick for months on end. At times she would throw-up in her sleep, which we thought was from coughing, when we would try to get her up to the bathroom room, she would fight us, be extremely confused, sometimes would run with no direction or cause and sometimes foamed at the mouth. I questioned whether these were seizures at the time but it was believed by doctors and my family that she was tired and confused by the illness and medication.

Teachers have also noticed that she seems to zone off at times, even though she normally seems attentive and focused. She also seems to be more anxious, dizzy and ill than most her age if she does not get the proper amount of sleep. She doesn't even like sleep-overs with friends because they make her feel so bad.

I also have had multiple situtations that could lead me to believe I have seizures. Friends, ex-boyfriends, teachers have all said that I have spaced out and they have been unable to get my attention for brief periods of time. Some friends have seen me in a zombie-like state where I functioned but used brief words and sat slumped over with hair in my face. I also have had multiple situations where I have woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was frozen and unable to move.

My father also had multiple seizures for several years after hitting his head. I also have a cousin (on my dad's side) who has eplipsy. He did have a head injury one to two years prior to the seizures so it is uncertain if that was the cause.



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