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no sleep at all

i wish someone could understand . at 5 years old - i was dagnosed with epilepsy --- due to brain damage when i was born. Before the age of 12 i used to sleep deep. the medication i had till the age of 26 was phenobarbital,mysoline and dilantin. thank to my former neurologist i lost my teeth at 36. But after the age of 12 i didn't sleep - no dreams, i could and still can relax but i can hear every sound around me - there are times i can't keep my eyes open but i still don't sleep. my meds changed to Topomax, clobazam and tegretoltill i turned 41. My seizures were always Grand Mal (Clonic-Tonic) I am on Lamotrigine now and my right temporal lobe was removed but there is still some damage behind my head. The question i have is dilantin one of the facts that i can't sleep? is it brain damage that cause epilepsy the cause or is it something else? i am 44 years old and still can't sleep- but i can relax.

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