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How do you know if you have seizures

I have never known when I have my seizures, so unless someone tells me, I am none the wiser.  THis is driving me crazy as I cannot give accurate reports to my neurologist.

Maybe I am having none? 

Maybe I am having 20 a day

How can I confidently say what is going on






i dont always no when i have had my seizures either which i found really frustrating as a witness is important but when i have alot in 1 day i usually feel odd in myself with a fuzzy head but dont realise until theve passed.sometimes i end up upstairs or in a different room without any memory of going there then i no iv had a seizure, hope this helps.


Right after my seizures, I cannot even remember my name, so it can be tricky without a witness. Luckily, there is usually someone around me. One time, though, I noticed that my shirt was a bit wet in the back. After the confusion passed, I asked my daughter if mommy had been lying on the floor in the bathroom for some time, and she said, 'Yes'. I had been sorting the laundry, felt dizzy and quickly just passed out on the floor, with no memory of either falling or getting up.

If you don't have others around, it could be hard. Things like realizing that you are in a different room and don't remember how you got there, or catch yourself doing unusual things (like I had messed up the laundry machines and put the darks on a hot water cycle), those would be clues.


I know exactly what you all mean. Sometimes I don't know either. Unfortunatly, I don't have any auras, so I don't get any warning one is coming. There have been times I have had a seizure at work and didn't get told until the next day. I have been meaning to let my co-workers know to tell me, since I don't always know. I guess  with something that significant, they think I realize I had one. Since most of mine come around that time of the month, I know when I am more likely to have one and let someone know to look out for me.  Most of the time, when I come to, I feel a bit foggy-headed and confused, so I have an inkling that I had one. I am also usually in a different place than I was before and do not remember getting there. A couple of weeks ago I had one in the restroom of the store I work at. I ride my bike to work and try to get there soon enough to cool down before changing into my work clothes. I went to use the restroom and remember going. Next thing I know I have changed my clothes, but do not remember doing it. Just glad that I was cognicient (sp?) enough to get all of my clothes on. :) Like all of you, I try to think if I was in a different place than I last remember being. Then I will go take a check to see if anything seems to be off. Once I had been on a break at work and suspected that I had a seizure. I went back and found where I had been writing down a recipe, but had a seizure and you could see where the ink had just drifted off in the middle of a word. It know how  frustrating it can be when you don't know for sure. Having lapses in time can be scary at times, too. Not knowing what you have done or how much time has past is upsetting. It is good to know there are others who know exactly how we feel. tlh64

  1. if you feel like a cruise missle hit you in the head

I know exactly how you feel at this time.On my old job,people would tell me that I was not doing well on a medication.It was like we were family.This not the same,I feel like I am lost.I have no information for the doctor at all.I understand...Know that you are not alone.

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