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Fell and hit my head, ever since I have seizures, does falling cause this?

Six years ago, I fell at work and split my head open on a steel safe. Every since then I have had small seizures and some pretty big ones also. I never knew that falling and hitting your head could cause this. I quite frequently get this glazed stare that I can't shake and my co-workers have noticed them. Is this all a part of epilepsy? Sometimes I start to shake uncontrollably, at other times I can't remember what I just did. This is all very troubling to me. Does this happen to anyone else?


Hitting your head can cause seizures or other problems. It sounds like you have a complex partial seizures. I also have them.
My husband hit his head many years ago. I am afraid he will have seizures one day too.

make sure you see a doctor

take care

Yes, a head trauma can cause epilepsy to appear. Mine is a result of two pretty severe head traumas as a youngster resulting from falls down a flight of stairs. I have two lovely cracks in my skull (my xrays are fun to explain to new doctors *grin*) and a long history of seizure activity as a result. The falls occurred between 18 months and 2 1/2 years and I was initially diagnosed at age 4. I am 42 now and have a full and active life.
As for the glazed stare, yes it sounds like another form of seizure, might want to contact your doc about it!
Blessings, Mel


I am new to this site- glad to see its in existence- I am 50 and have had seizures since I was 16. The issue was a blow to my head- had a Grand Mal at 16, then gradually over the 4 years till I was 20, then finally was under control by 20.

I was born without seizures but we all can get them- nothing like a good blow to the head to screw up the circuity-

With medication and a very supportive family, I learned to get through it.

I wish you all the best.


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