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31 - Tonic Clonic Out of the Blue

I'm trying not to panic because the more people I talk to, the more aware I am of how "common" these things can be, and that they can be dealt with if necessary.

That being said, I would really appreciate any perspectives that could be offered with regard to my circumstance:

I'm 31 and was at a water park out of town with my eight year old son, my father and his new wife. I hadn't seen my father in 17 years but, things going quite well and being on the second day of our visit, I don't find that particularly significant. I've been told I was walking around after my son, just sat myself down and had a big, fat, grand mal seizure out of nowhere. Of course, they called the ambulence (bill is pending, fml). MRI, CT and EKG came up clean and, since spparently nobody finds this to be an emergent case, my EEG should be coming up this week. They put me on Kepra and forward I roll. 

My visit with a neuroligist seems to have produced more questions than answers. No family history is present. I'm a very healthy female with low body fat. The amount of physicial exertion, alcohol intake, fatigue is NOTHING compared to how I roll in Vegas when I play in an annual tournament. In fact, I was on an actual not-Las-Vegas vacation which means my usual quesitonable behaviors may have even been somewhat mitigated. I'll be the first to admit I smoke the marijuanas, but thats about it. I had, literally, two beers the night before. 

Help...please. I live alone with just me and my son. He was whisked away to play during the "event", but I don't want him to see or deal with anything like this in the future. 

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