Medication for simple partial seizures

For those of you who currently have, or have in the past had simple partial seizures... what type of medication/treatment worked best for controlling them for you. Also, if you don't mind sharing, what were your seizures like?

I have simple partials in my left hand and arm... weakness, gripping, twitching, full seizing... as well as in my tongue and jaw making it hard to speak breifly (though this is less often than the arm)

I have also had a couple grand mals (in my sleep/nocturnal) about 5 years ago but they are fully under control with my medication.

In the past I took tegretol (almost 4 years) which controlled things well but caused immense weight gain... so I switch to a low dose of topomax. I have been on this for almost 2 years and am back to my "normal weight" but I have a few more simple partials than I used to on tegretol... I also get B12 shots which seem to help but I have to go back once a month for those.

thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your reponses.



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I have been using topamax for the last four years for simple partial seizures...unfortunately when my stress levels go up so do incidents of grand mals....3 in the last year....I'm not up to the maximum level of Topamax...450 mgs. a day...3 days before my period the simple partials are off the charts!.....7-10 a day (from what I've been reading due to the estrogen rise in my body) so I've got to switch to another med. but I'm so scared to try another....tried Lamictal for 2 days and was so zombied...dizzy and loopy there was no way I could function in my job (histopathology) to even attempt to last the 1-2 month switchover period....anybody had any experiences with Topamax ceasing to work after a period of time and is there anything out there that doesn't leave you tired....I feel like going to bed at 7:00 every energy for anything.... Not to mention the brain fog and can't think of words and putting sentences together!

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that is really interesting what you said about your simple partials going off the charts right before your period because it is exactly the same for me! 2-3 days prior, seems like no matter what I do they get really bad. The rest of the month as long as I get enough sleep, and don't have too much stress on my body like getting sick, working out too hard, etc I don't have much simple partial activity.

Tegretol seemed to control them a bit better for me but I was also on a higher dose and it caused a big weight gain for me, but the doctor said that was really unusual... he said they have seen some weight gain but not like mine usually.

I, also like you, do stuggle with feeling like I could use a nap everyday and I do have a hard time with words and recalling names... I have been on topamax for 2 yrs. 

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I was diagnosed with epilepsy since I was 10 years old, I am 20 now and I have been taking dilantin ever since.

I get simple partial seizures and they affect my upper lip and my right hand. My right hand tends to curl inwards and the muscles around my hand flex as much as possible. My upper lip tends to droop a little bit, but thats about it. These partials last for about 5 seconds, sometimes they go on for 10,15 seconds.

My doctor recommended that i should switch to Lamotrigine, but after reading up about it, and how everyone seems to be sleepless, dizzy and speech impaired, I have decidied not to switch and just deal with the partials.

The partials also happen in cycles. For months I will be episode-free but during times of high stress and depression, the partials happen continuously; sometimes even 20 times in a day.

I personally feel If i am mentally healthy, the Dilantin works perfectly, however it is difficult to stay mentally healthy 365 days a year, so thats the only downfall.

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So you still get your simple partial seizures as descibed while on dilantin? or has the dilantin fixed the simple partials as well? Your SP seizures sound JUST LIKE mine... I am going to be setting an appointment to see a new neurologist soon to discuss my options since I take topamax and it does a good job over all, controlling my grand mals and my SP's except around certain times in my monthly cycle... 


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i am sorry for the VERY late reply but if you read this anytime soon, send me an email to i just wanna know more about you and if your situation relates to mine. Since yours and mine SPs are the same and you are well controlled, there may be help for me. Currently I am on Clobazam and Dilantin and it is not working well for me. It does periodically but then it is just a disaster.

 I would really like to talk to u and I think we can further benefit from talking to eachother, i just hope you get this.

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I have tried a number of meds, epilim, lactimal, keppra and topamax. Topomax appeared to reduce the intesity of seizures and migraines but at 400mg I was experiencing too many side affects and it was affecting my cognitive functioning at work it was particulary difficult. So I took the decision to come off the meds and have been pff them 2 months now but seizures and migraines have worsened. If I go back on anything I will go back on the Topomax at a lower dose maybe 200mg. The Keppra made me feel dreadful emotionally. Lctimal didn't seem to help too much and gave me increased hallucinations. The neuro suggested Tegretol but I don't fancy trying that one. Even now off the Topomax I can have problems speaking, getting the write word out and with spelling and numbers and my memory is much worse now.I saw a neuropsychologist who said it could be the epilepsy or the medication but they wont know until I have been off the meds for 3-6 months. As for getting pains in my head I used to get this funny sensation in my head also on the Topomax. Best wishes to you all. Bex

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you sound very similar to me. I was on Topomax for about 2 years, and it decreased my seizures but I still had them about 1x/month. So after I told my neuro for the 100th time that something wasn't working, he put me on carbamizapine, and then upped it to Carbatrol. So far I haven't had a seizure in about 6-7 mos., but I think it's eating up my stomach. I also think that mine are related to my period, but when I tell my docs this (and show them the relationship in a seizure diary to my period) they look at me like I'm an idiot. So far carbatrol has helped the best but it has it's "issues", inclding that insurance won't pay for it, and it's expensive.

I also have probs w/ thinking of words/sentences/names, etc. I'm going back to school after almost 10 years away and it's not as easy as it was when I was seizure free.

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My med is Lamictal 200mg morning and 200mg before bed 12 hrs apart

+ Valium 5mg 3 times a day for stress and anxiety

But my body trembles if I stand still talking to others

My Neurologist said Valium is the cause of the trembling

My local Doc warned me to stay on Valium with Lamictal

My side effects is memory and concentration

I was dizzy to start for approximately 2 weeks and gradually stopped

Without Lamictal I would have a Grand Mal

If you can take Lamictal only do so, I started to reduce other meds with 50mg to 100mg  now200mg

I now go to gym and it helps me to relax

Best of luck

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I take Lamictal and have done so since 2003. It works for me but it's amazing how differently different drugs work on different people. I'm wondering if hormones can effect the seizures because I just ended my period and I've had like 7 simple partial seizures in the last 2 days. I hate it! I've got to go back to the Dr. and see about upping my RX.

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I feel like an old timer in this group! I have simple partials.  My focus is in my speech center, I have had 2 surgeries, to try to control it because each time the doctor's felt the focus was just outside. Initially they felt it was in the uncus or the anterior temporal lobe or the left temporal lobe.  I would get spots in front of my eyes and I would have a partial complex seizure.  The second surgery I had a different aura, which was a smell  or a deja-vu or the spots.  Now the Epileptologist found another focus and said it is in your posterior temporal area but close to your speech area.  I know have trouble w/ my speech and cannot talk right.  I babble, my friends say I flap my hands in the air.  I initially took Dilantin, then took Phenobarbitol, I have taken all the meds. He put me on the Vagal Nerve Stimulator. 

The meds. I take are Keppra and Zonegran, I was on Klonopin, but to be on the protocol for a medication you need to be on 2 drugs.  I felt I would give it a try.  Since I was only taking one pill.  I was on Tegretol as a test patient in the 70's and got off of it just 2 years ago because I was having a clotting problem.  I have flurries .  The flurries are continual simple partial seizures that don't stop but I am fully aware they are happening, I give myself Valium to stop them.  It does the trick.  I am on the protocol for a new drug to stop my daily seizures now.  I have stopped working  at this time and hope to get back soon.

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keppra and trgretol has worked for me.

hope i helped you.

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I'm 38 and started having simple partial seizures about 8 weeks ago.  I have 30-60 per day and my neck and shoulders clench up, and my head cocks over to my right.  Sometimes my faces scrunches up and my eyelids flutter.  I never lose consciousness.

I actually had very similar seizures although not as many about two years ago for a period of about 3 months.  I was on Lamictal at the time as treatment for bi-polar, but that did *not* have any effect.  In fact, my psychiatrist didn't even consider testing me for seizures because I was already on an anticonvulsant (I stopped seeing that psychiatrist shortly thereafter!).  The seizures went away on their own and I had no seizures for two years without any medication.

So now they've come back.  I've had an EEG that has confirmed the seizures (strobe lights suuuuuuuck!), and an MRI that has confirmed that I do not have any tumors/lesions/scar tissue in my brain (praise the Lord for that!).

I'm currently taking 750mg of valproic acid (depakene) per day.  I've only been on it for nine days, and so far it doesn't appear to be having any effect either, although I'm willing to give it another couple of weeks to "do its thing".