Lamictal and my first grand mal

I'm new to this website, but could really use some insight from anyone who could help.  I was officially diagnosed with epilepsy about 2 years ago.  However, I had been having them since middle school and just didn't know it.  Once I hit the ago of 23 I started experiencing complex partial seizures which I had the hardest time explaining.  It took awhile to get diagnosed (about 3 years) but once I did the doctor started me on lamictal.  I stopped having the seizures altogether. However, he had mentioned that in a few years maybe I could try coming off the med completely.  Now I'm a nurse, so I should know better but I was getting kind of bad at remembering to take my meds and still wasn't having any seizures.  Since he had mentioned me eventually coming off of them I sort of assumed that I had outgrown the epilepsy like some people sometimes do.  I should also mention that I was working nights and I find it very hard to sleep with the lamictal which just makes things that much more difficult.  Anyways, I had started to have a few more complex partial seizures but not very often, I planned on going to see my neurologist and asking to try a different med.  Well this Thursday I had my first grand mal seizure.  (I was apparently stressing myself out over picking out my scrub top for work). My poor boyfriend was woken up by our petrified dog and saw me foaming at the mouth and coughing up blood so he called 911 and I ended up in an ambulance and off to the ED.  I never thought I would have a grand mal and it truly scared me.  I have begun taking the lamictal again until I see the neurologist.  I'm wondering how long it takes to work usually? I go back to work tomorrow for a 12 hour shift and I would be so embarrassed if it happened at work.  Any insight anyone else has would be great.