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Depakote vs. Keppra

I am a 42 year old woman with epilepsy (JME, first diagnosed when I was 13); I have been taking depakote since I was approximately 23 or 24 and my seizures have been well controlled. When I was last at the neurologist she recommended that I think about taking another medication (she recommended keppra or lamictal although she seemed weighted to keppra) because of the correlation between depakote (and other seizure meds) and osteoporosis. I am concerned about this connection as I'm already at high risk for osteoporosis (my mom has it, both of my grandmothers had it) but at the same time it seems like keppra also has a lot of fairly serious risk factors..many of them psychological. I have suffered from depression throughout my life and I feel as if I have finally gotten it (pretty much) under control so anything that screws with my psychological make up is definitely fairly frightening. Also, in the literature that I've read it seems to be prescribed for partial seizures although that is not what I have (?). I would be particularly interested in hearing about any POSITIVE experiences with Keppra. I want to hear that it's great but the side effects sound pretty bad and the fact that it hasn't been on the market for that long also makes me apprehensive. Any input would be greatly appreciated.




i have been given a new lease on life b/c of keppra. The depression (for me) was a minor side effect which is being treated. Mainly I had nightmares and trouble sleeping on 2000 mgs. On 1000 I had NO probs. but not complete sz control.

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My doctor gave me Keppra to try after 3 months of being on Trileptal. I have been on Dilantin and Phenobarbitol for 35 years but haven't had a seizure in 15 to 18 years. I went off the Dilantin and Phenobarbitol because of the constant low white blood count and the possibility of problems with my bones also. I take at calcium/magnesium and 1000 iu of Vit D every day to help protect my bones. I took the Keppra for 3 days and I was a Zombie and could not function at all. The doctor told me I had to take 500 mg twice a day to prevent seizures but I could not stay awake to take that much so I ended up going back on the Dilantin and Phenobarbitol.

Ellen do you take any vitamins to help your bones? If you don't ask your doctor about them. I know with taking Dilantin I have to wait 2 hours after taking them to take calcium.

Maybe Keppra will work for you. It is amazing how we are all so different and how one drug works wonders for one of us and knocks someone out.

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