Vision Problems After Seizures?

My daughter is 10 yrs old and profoundly affected by autism. She is non-verbal and uses pictures to request basic needs (food and toys). Last week, during speech therapy she glazed over, her eyes crossed repeatedly for several seconds and then she had a lot of hand movements - patting her head, rubbing her sides, etc. Our pediatrician stated it was probably an absence seizure and has an EEG scheduled for next week. Over the next few days we noticed the muscle tone of her eyes growing weaker and she was extremely tired. She wears glasses and bi-focals and her eyes never cross when she wears them (other than seizure activity).

 After those days of sleepiness, it's as if her glasses quit working. She cries whenever she puts them on and pushed out all of the lenses. I took her to our eye doctor who said she would suspect seizures to be affecting her vision and to not bother with the glasses until the EEG.

She had another seizure at school today that seemed worse than the absent type seizures we have been seeing. The school contacted me and were quite upset. They said her shoulders and neck were jerking and her eyes were fixated. She started crying afterwards and was upset.

I'm concerned about her eyes as she seems distressed that her glasses no longer work. Due to her autism there is no way to explain to her that this is temporary.

I've tried searching for anything that would give me more information about vision problems lingering after a seizure to this degree but cannot find anything.

 Does anyone have any other information on why this would happen?