seizures and heart problems???

I am on Keppra xr and vimpat and I have been having pressure in my chest and wierd heart beats like my heart is beating real hard sometimes. I am now having to get tests done for my heart and everything has came out normal so far. The heart problems are getting worse. I think they are anxiety but my mom has some heart condition and of course I can't remember the name of it but it is genetic. Can seizures cause heart problems or what? I don't understand all this and am confused. Im also taking Lexapro but shouldn't that help anxiety? Does anyone else have this same problem? Im now starting to get pains in my chest like if I have real bad indigestion sometimes they come without the indigestion.


Re: seizures and heart problems???

I have a history of simple partial seizures and last year I began having the same heart issue you explained. I was taking Topamax at the time, and have since switched to Keppra. Unfortunately I'm stilling having the intense indigestion, pain, and strong heart beat.

My neuro is having me tested for diabetes. Many anticonvulsants can effect your kidneys, and in-turn, leave you with diabetes. Perhaps this is something you should consider. Also, see if you notice that certain foods might causing the problem. I was able to eat anything before these problems occurred. Now dairy products  tomatoes/sauces really cause me terrible pain.

 Good luck to you.

Re: seizures and heart problems???

Ive been tested for diabetes and everything else in the world it seems. Thanks for your suggestio. My Neuro thinks it might be my heart and is glad im seeing a cardiologist. They think it might be my heart. My primary says if there is something wrong with the ellectical part of my heart it can affect seizures. I don't seem to have as many problems with indegestion as I used to its wierd. I don't eat many tomatos/sauces because they leave big sores on my tongue. I was just wondering if the heart could be related to seizures. So since you are still having the same simptoms do you take anything for indigestion? Does it work? My heart tests have came out normal so far to but my mom has the same problem they are testing me for and its genetic.  

Re: seizures and heart problems???

I take medication for the exsact thing you are dealing with its called tacicardia its irrgular heartbeat i had surgery last year for it pretty much your heart is beating 100 to 120 beats a min i was told stress 2nd hand smoke and my epilepsy i've had it for about 6 years

*Angel Baby*

Re: seizures and heart problems???

O wow, thanks a bunch Im on a heart moniter right now and I hate it. Oh well life goes on.

thanks Angel Baby.

Re: seizures and heart problems???

Hi Candysb,

Do you mean the set of syndromes often associated with Long QT Disorders?

In my very early childhood, my "like a dead body" phase would happen just before physical movements like a seizure. From most of the descriptions from witnesses, these were likely from some type of Long QT Disorder. They probably easily resulted in minor brain damage that then resulted in my Temporal Lobe Epilepsy of simple partial seizures until a decade or so later, then kindled into seizures closer to complex partial categories. The types of seizures with Long QT Syndromes are not necessarily epileptic seizures, but also include cardiogenic syncope, reflex anoxic seizure, reflex asystolic syncope, and/or convulsive vasovagal syncope. Frequent, severe and long such seizure/syncope can lead to brain damage that soon is the origin of epileptic seizures.

Epileptic seizures also mess up my heart rate. In numerous instances, secondary tonic-clonics ending would stop my heart or make my pulse undetectable, and CPR would be applied. Other times, my heart would start to beat too fast, until my pulse would cease despite quickly un-rhythmic fast heartbeats, till my heart stops, and soon starts back up after a pause of a minute or so. I don't know if CPR actually helps, but I'm not totally dead yet.

Some journal articles mentions that the heart has a mass of neurological tissue that could be considered to be the heart's own "mini-brain" where Long QT Disorders are often centered at, with cross-connections to the brain stem.

Some articles note that Long-QT can cause epilepsy and can easily be confused with epilepsy:

Since epilepsy can cause death, it can also cause heart damage.


Re: seizures and heart problems???

Hi 3Hours

Thanks Ill check that out. I have been tested for Syncope and it came out neg. but of course I wasn't having problems at the time. Ive had epilepsy for 20 years but this heart thing is new so I guess the stress from the seizures maybe is a factor.

Thanks again Candace