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I can't stand drinking it, all the caffeine makes my heart race my hands shake and i feel like im on edge... It makes me wired unbelievably. What really shocks me is all the people in bars who can drink it with vodka or some other liquor like it's nothing they should be in alcohol rehab mixing that stuff together should be illegal.

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My seizures are controlled quite well with meds but I do find that redbull gives me a lot of muscle spasms and myoclonic jerks. Redbull doesn't really do my sleep schedule any good either, which can't be great for seizure activity. I drink a bit of coffee, but it doesn't effect me like redbull. I think it's pretty risky to mix unknown chemicals with meds, possibly nullifying their effects(meds). 

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Hey, I'm a redbullholic. Yes it is bad for us to drink because of the ammount of caffine in it. I try keeping my weekly cans to a minimum of 3 pr week. My friends are helping me keep to that minimum. But, I do need one every 2 days because I'd get cranky if I don't. I'm addicted to it. I've had I think 3 seizures on different occations where I was drinking redbull and had a seizure. I'm not sure if redbull really caused it or if it was my stress or my lack of sleep or something. Hope you're doing fine. Keep the redbull to a minimum! God bless.

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right, i'm lictrally addicted to the stuff, and i can go for periods of not drinking it and then drink like between 1 to 4 cans or more a night.... i can personally say.... from 3 to 4 seizures a day to over 60 seizures in one day after drinking 4 cans of red bull is not good... i nearly ended up comatized by the seizures because of the red bull.... i would drink it at night and stay up for 2 or 3 days at a time..... forget my med's and take them late and not eat aswell. and if i did sleep i would have seizures that i normally would not have, like clonic seizures and absence seizures and all the rest of it... i would have them plus all my usaul seizures; and they would be so volient aswell... i found some of them i would be in "full convulsion mode" and i would be awake with it... i would hear voices and that just before i had these violent episodes.... one night i had 24+ plus seziures with in the space of half an hour..... and then i thought "fuck this i'm too scared to go back to sleep i'll stay up and then go straight from bed to college!!" soo an hour later i tried to fall asleep again and then i had another 15+ in the space of 10 mins.... i didn't want to go to hospital because i knew i would never get out of the place... they like to send you home seizure free for 3/4 day before they will let you out...ITS A MEDICAL JAIL HOUSE HONESTLY!!! this was onkly a few weeks back.... i got a bollocking of everyone inculding the administrator for this site. and i didn't take a blind bit of notice..... soooo.... 3 days later and my seizures were gradually going down... i needed to have a can of red bull i was getting really anniod and pissed off that the shop was shut its was like at 11.00 at night .... so when mum was in bed at 1.00 am i walked a mile and half just for a can of red bull..... i ended up getting 5/6 cans of the stuff .... and yes again i was in hospital for the 15th time that month.... all the emergancy doctors and staff know me now.....and they ended up getting the medical chart and wack it round my head cos i'm a bit nieve about the whole epilespy thing and being such an idiot, i only got diagniosed two months ago.... and i'm still a bit in denial about it.... thinking i can get away with drinking alcohol and smoking a joint or two with my friends ... i know weed is ment to calm down seizures but in my case it doesn't.... i'm prone to partial status.... i which is not good at all.... but still me being me and a 17 year old teenager, its doesn't sink in as it should... yes i'm a student aswell and i work aswell ... long hours at college to try and make up for the time and weeks i have missed due to being ill and in hospital for weeks on end and its just too much... so what do i do?.... turn to the stuff that gave me and my writing hands wings!!!! and i thing i should go and chain my self to the class room table and then straight on to my bed so i can't go near the shops.... please some one put me under HOUSE ARREST! LOL so anyway i hope that gives you some answers to use query,. love soph xxx

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My epilepsy is really well controlled and Red Bull causes me no problems whatsoever if I'm using it to give me a bit of extra energy. I do have problems though if I'm taking it to stay awake. I think that what really causes the problem is staying awake when I'm really tired but then once I've had the RB I can't sleep and when I finally do get to sleep I quite often have seizures in my sleep.


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Red Bull contains caffeine for one and we are suppose to keep away from it. And it has sucralose in it which is not purely natural at all. I would not drink it because of the seizures.
Take care

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It may be different for each of us, but I find Caffeine to be helpful. But I drink it as coffee, from morning to bedtime, with no headaches, jitters, or sleep problems. It seems to be therapeutic.  I stay away from "energy drinks" that are manufactured.

I also avoid Sucralose, Splenda, or whatever they're calling it, lately, because of a severe reaction to it about 3 years ago. 

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For some people with seizures, caffeine does affect and lower their seizure threshold. Fortunately, I'm not one of them (I love my coffee way too much ). However, I would talk to your doctor about the drinkin Red Bull, and get their opinion.

Best of luck,

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hey thanks for the advice, i will think twice now about my drinks... :D

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Hi there,
Red bull is in my opinion just that little bit too strong. I don't know about others countries but in the U.K. there has been quite a few stories of people being involved in accidents and such things as extreme rage after drinking Red bull over long periods of time. So my advice is there's nothing wrong with it occasionally but for the time being stick with something a bit milder but equally 'fashionable' like Sprite 3G. It'll still give that little boost but its not quite as intense a hit as Red Bull.

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Caffeine doesn't affect my seizures so I actually drink a lot of caffeine. Think I myself am a Redbull addict. I need rebull at least every two days or I'd get really cranky, grumpy and depressive. And I love coffee in the mornings and nights and sodas in the day. Ask your neuro if redbull affects you or your medications in any way. If it does, then you should stop. But, if it doesn't, you have a choice of drinking redbull as much as you like. Hope you're ding well. God bless.

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I've read a lot of places that caffeine can have a bad effect on seizures, but my person experiences haven't always matched up with that.

During this past school year, I'd buy a chocolate bar everyday which actually seemed to help with headaches I'd get and I actually had no seizures between Spring Break and the very last week of school. That last week, however, I had multiple seizures everyday. Caffeine made 2 of them a lot worse.

The first of those two was after I had RockStar, Coke, candy, etc. and my best friend had a tonic clonic seizure. (I'd never actually seen anyone having a seizure and it wasn't until VERY recently that I finally accepted that I've been having seizures for nearly 2 years)

The second was in the class I always bought a chocolate bar. It was our last real day in the class so I ended up having a lot more caffeine than usual and within a few minutes, my entire right side was seizing.

Those two were my absolute worst seizures I've ever had and I think overdosing on caffeine played a part.

In moderation, caffeine seems to be fine for me, and actually lowers my seizure frequency and intensity.

So I'd say just be careful.

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I drink a lot of Coke and coffee. Along with my meds, I still have seizures.