outgrowing petit mal seizures?

I was diagnosed with petit mal (absence) seizures around the age of six. I'm fifteen now, and my doctors are thinking of taking me off my medication- zarontin. However, both my father and one of my cousins have transitioned from petit mal seixures to gran mal after being taken off medication. my 1st doctor kept going back and forth between whether or not to take me off the meds, so we got a 2nd opinion who thinks that i'd be ok. what do you think?


Re: outgrowing petit mal seizures?


There is validity is your fear.  The idea of stopping the medication is one that will require you to trust your doc.  If your primary doc is having trouble, then it may need to be post-poned until the worry is no more a concern.

If you choose to stop the medication, it should be tapered off, and maybe with your family history.  The time frame for tapering should be extended to allow your body to adjust.

hope it helps.  rikk